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Robert De Niro Is Homeless Dad In ‘Being Flynn’ Trailer

Another Bullsh*t Night In Suck City has a trailer and the much more marketable, safe title of Being Flynn Paul Dano stars as a young man who volunteers at homeless shelters. One night, Robert De Niro shows up looking for a bed. He recognizes him as his estranged father and confronts him in the hopes of understanding the man and filling an empty part of his life.

“Good news, son. Your father is one of the top three writers in America. Also, he wears a tinfoil cape.”

Pretty solid setup for a drama, and with it in the able hands of About A Boy’s Paul Weitz, we can expect good things. It’s just nice to see De Niro in a film where he isn’t milking cats or having a needle stuck into his penis. Or maybe he is. Who knows? Being homeless is hard.

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