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Ridley Scott To Direct Monopoly Movie?

I will always contend that Hollywood ran out of original ideas quite a while ago. The name of the game these days is just finding whatever they can, grabbing it while it’s dropping its dry cleaning off, throwing it in the back of an unmarked van, and driving it to a big warehouse in Burbank where they beat a story out of it. Then they get a fancy director attached and BOOOM—Box office gold.

Ridley Scott to direct Monopoly movie (HW Reporter)

Details about Pegg and Frost’s Paul (Empire)

Che gets a date (CHUD)

Counting Crow to produce Broken Lizards (Comingsoon)

Jerry Garcia movie (Joblo)

Chili Peppers’ memoir heading to HBO (Variety)

Roger Moore dislikes more violent Bond (MSNBC)








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