Ridley Scott, On A Bible Kick, Gives Us 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' Starring Christian Bale

Next he'll do 'Leviticus' and show us all the ways a woman may be unclean. Considering how Noah from Darren Arnofsky was set to be a flop but managed to save itself and actually do some decent business, studios might be looking to the Bible for help. With their bottom line. Considering Prometheus didn't really leave much of a mark with audiences, Ridley Scott has chosen to appeal to the giant demographic of Christians and another giant demographic of Christian (Bale fans). Exodus: Gods and Kings tells the story of a guy named Moses, who helps the slaves escape Egypt and the pharaoh Ramses. So this story will also resonate with Jews. Man, the studio is really checking all the boxes with this one. Take a look.