Ride Along With MTV's Gory 'Death Valley'

Undead groups won't be happy about this police brutality. [post-album postid="215841" item="2"]With all these vampires, werewolves, and zombies invading television, it's only natural that someone would need to police them. And also punch them through the head. That's exactly what the stars of MTV's Death Valley do.
The new scripted series takes a page out of the COPS handbook and sends a camera crew to ride along with the law officers of the San Fernando Valley. In this case, the San Fernando Valley has been overrun by a new minority for the past year -- monsters and the undead. This gory preview shows stars Tania Raymonde (Lost), Brian Callen (MADtv), and Caity Lotz (Mad Men) on the beat and it looks pretty intense. Looks pretty violent but still nowhere near as violent as that episode of COPS where the naked, bloody guy punched his way through a fence to escape. We can only assume that he was on his way to go kill Superman. (MTV)