'Riddick' Is Like 'First Blood' In Space!!

As a guy who hasn't really enjoyed Riddick in the past, I gotta admit this looks awesome. When we last saw Riddick he was choking the dragon on the surface of the desert planet where he's been living by himself for ten years. This new trailer gives us a bit more. A team of bounty hunters track him and attempt to take his head. However, Riddick enjoys his dragon-choking time deeply and doesn't cotton to interruption so he begins picking them off one by one. And then the monsters awaken and things really get crazy. It's like First Blood in space! How come nobody thought to make this sooner?

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Lightsaber Technology Also Awakens In 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Teaser

But still light years behind bong technology. Taking advantage of the need to escape our loved ones during the holiday, J.J. Abrams released the first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the weekend. I'm sure this is the last we'll hear about this charming little indie. The teaser doesn't offer much except short snippets of the new cast doing space-related stuff, and a look at a new lightsaber which now has three blades and seems too impractical and dangerous to use. Poor lightsabers. With each advancement, they remain woefully light years behind bong technology. Hopefully this leads to a montage where Luke tries to use it and just keeps losing his hand over and over again.


Jimmy Kimmel Choked Up A Little Praising David Letterman

You can't fake having a "L8 Nite" license plate on your first car. While all talk show hosts have a debt of gratitude and respect to David Letterman, none have exhibited the outward fandom that Jimmy Kimmel has for the late night mainstay. And while tonight Kimmel is airing a rerun out of respect for Letterman's last show, last night he sang the man's praises. And it was pretty damn heartwarming. You'll find in this video that Kimmel's words are way more than just diplomacy. Pretty cool sendoff to a worthy recipient.


There's So Much To Love About The New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer

Chewie looks good after all these years. What's his secret? Attendees of today's Star Wars Celebration event were treated to a surprise as J.J. Abrams unveiled the second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens without his first forcing them to solve a complex puzzle via viral marketing. And here, hours later, we're free to enjoy it from the comfort of our homes without having to worry about a Jar Jar cosplayer blocking our view. What a time to be alive and a shut-in!


Enjoy The Awkwardness With This Compilation Of Letterman's Weirdest Guests

Watching him was more fun than watching the guests. Perhaps what made Letterman stand out amongst the sea of other talk show hosts was that he didn't suffer fools gladly. If someone was being weird or difficult, David Letterman would push and poke at them, rather than serve as their doormat. Sometimes it was too much for viewers to bear so close to bedtime, but sometimes it just made for captivating television. We knew that if anyone was going to serve as a stand-in for the viewer to push back against indulgent celebrities, it would be Dave. So here's a montage of his weirdest guests. As fun as the guests are to watch and mock, it's just as fun to watch David Letterman push back with that "What in the hell...?" look on his face. Here it is: (A.V. Club)


'Annie' Trailer Shows Willow Smith Enjoying The Benefits Of A Really Rich Dad

I wonder what she's drawing from to convey that? The Annie remake was circulating for a very long time, with most of the cast and producers dropping in and out. With the second trailer having just been released, I think we can assume that it's on its way. We've got Jamie Foxx as "Benjamin Stacks," which is a pretty cool Daddy Warbucks proxy-name. We've got Cameron Diaz playing...someone. And we've got real-life underprivileged orphan Willow Smith playing a character who gets fast-tracked to easy street with a larger than life father figure. It's got something for everyone! Also, as the embed shows, you can Shazam this trailer for additional bonus footage, which is weird, but whatever. Annie hits theaters on December 19th, 2014. Fun for the whole nepotistic family!