'Retreat' Trailer Pits Billy Elliott Against A Married Couple

And this is why you never trust a ginger. On a remote British Island, a man (Cillian Murphy) and his wife (Thandie Newton) are living a quiet, peaceful existence until a vacation in which they rescue an injured man who washes ashore. The strange man is played by a very grown up and very creepy Jamie Bell, who audiences fell in love with as Billy Elliott. Well, Mr. Elliott has a bit of a dark side, the inhabitants discover as they find a gun to go along with his sordid past. Despite their reservations, they reluctantly believe his claim that a deadly affliction has wiped out much of the earth, forcing the trio to quarantine themselves in their cabin. First time director Carl Tibbetts seems to have found a winning formula here. The minimalistic sets do a good job of fostering tension and claustrophobia. Also jarring is hearing Mr. Murphy speak with a brogue. He's been in so many American films recently, I felt we had naturalized him. Nope. Still Irish.