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REPORT: Harrison Ford Asked To Reprise Role In ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Ridley Scott has talked about a Blade Runner sequel for years, with the standard love/hate back-and-forth associated with carrying on an iconic film. And honestly, it’s hard to see how any subsequent film could vault the original’s status any higher than “best sci-fi film ever made.”

But, status don’t keep the studio lights on, cash does, so Deadline is reporting that Alcon Entertainment has an offer out to Harrison Ford to get back in replicant form for a Ridley Scott-directed sequel.

Hmmmm. Harrison Ford often says he hates talking about his old roles, but then ends up doing them for a ton of money and acting all nonplussed. So this one could really go either way.

I’m sure many fans wish that he turns it down. Even though the film will be made anyway, it won’t cast as long a shadow on the original. Sort of like how Dumb and Dumberer didn’t detract from the original.


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