Tuesday, November 16 by

‘Red Riding Hood’ Trailer Is a Wolf In ‘Twilight’ Clothing

The Red Riding Hood trailer has hit the internaught, and I have to say, it looks remarkably similar to the trailers I’ve seen for the Twilight films. That’s probably due, in no small part, to the fact that Catherine Hardwicke directed both films. Like Twilight, this film has pretty young women staring longingly at pretty young men, gratuitous slow-motion shots, and a real ‘pedophiles must love this crap’ kind of vibe. Yep, Hardwicke is an auteur. But unlike the Twilight films, Hood, as I like to call it, has real actors. Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman are both in the film, and I’m assuming they must have made a boatload of cash to go slumming this low. Kudos to you, Gary. Take the money and run!

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