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Recap: Watch Fox’s Sunday Night Premieres

Episode: "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes" After being arrested for rioting on St. Patrick’s day, Homer decides to become a bounty hunter. He convinces Flanders to join him, while Marge unknowingly takes a job at an erotic bakery. If you’re a fan of the show, all of that should sound great to you. Silly jobs and wild adventures with Flanders are what make The Simpsons great. I (along with most other fans) have considered the later seasons hit or miss, but if season 20 continues on with episodes like this, I would be very satisfied. I thought the parkour chase through the city was funny as hell. They did do a lot of hinting to another Sideshow Bob episode, though, which is the last thing we need. The only thing worse than a Sideshow Bob episode is a Lisa episode. I won’t say anymore, I don’t want to jinx us.

Grade: B

King of the Hill

Episode: "Dia-BILL-ic Shock" I honestly can’t believe King of the Hill has been around for 13 seasons, but it really just keeps getting better. In the premiere, Bill finds out that all of his shitty eating habits have landed him a case of diabetes. A mean doctor tells him he might as well just get a wheelchair now, so he does. He starts hanging out with some other handicapped people, who inspire him to get in shape, until they find out he can walk, at which point they want to kick his ass. Well, punch his ass, I guess. Even though I prefer Dale episodes, I still think this is one of the funniest King of the Hills to date. I guess it just goes to show you that Mike Judge is still awesome.

Grade: A-

Family Guy

Episode: "Love Blactually" Season seven starts off with Brian fixating over an atheist girl he meets at the bookstore. Stewie advises him not to try and bang her too quickly, so she ends up getting it on with Cleveland. In an effort to break them up, Brian tries to get him back with his ex-wife, Loretta. It doesn’t work, but his new girl ens up screwing Quagmire and ruining it anyway. Again, I would’ve preferred a Peter episode right out of the gate, but this one seemed like they were trying to prove to their critics that they can do linear storyline without all of the short, break-in flashbacks. Personally, I like the non sequiturs, but there are still a few laughs in there. I’m not sure how I feel about this whole Stewie going gay for Brian thing, though. Usually I’m all for baby screwing jokes, but throwing a dog into the mix makes it even too weird for me.

Grade: B- American Dad

Episode: "1,600 Candles" Steve starts to hit puberty and Francine is having a hard time dealing, so she gets some stuff from some scientists that is supposed to stop him from aging. Instead it turns him into a toddler, who is equally annoying. When they try to cure him, he turns into an old man and so on and so on. There’s also a sub-plot about Roger’s birthday, which doesn’t really go anywhere. Like I think most people do, I think American Dad is by far the weakest part of the Sunday night line-up and this premiere does nothing to change that. There are a few chuckles, but if you think Family Guy is juvenile, then this probably watches like something written by a horny middle schooler. You would think pube jokes would still be funny, but I guess they have just gotten old. It’s sad, really.

Grade: C-

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