Rachel Weisz Is Such A Busybody In 'The Whistleblower' Trailer

War criminals don't enjoy being tattled on, Rachel. Rachel Weisz has come a long way since she was first chased around by mummies. She's got several films on the horizon including the actioner The Bourne Legacy, Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great and Powerful, a thriller opposite Daniel Craig called Dream House, the untitled Terrence Malick whosey-whatzit, and Fernando Melrelles' drama about boinking, 360. Of course, there's also this conspiracy drama The Whistleblower. In the film, Weisz plays a total narco who runs afoul of private contractors in post-war Bosnia. Much like in Letha Weapon 2, the bad guys hide behind their diplomatic immunity while doing all manner of illegal activity. Will Weisz live long enough to go all Murtaugh on their asses? She'd better. She's getting too old for this shit.