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‘Puncture’ Trailer Reminds Us That Some Of The Best Lawyers Are Cokeheads

While Puncture’s overarching plot may not seem terribly revolutionary – Lawyer takes on evil corporation, gets too close to the truth, senators, private investigators, etc. – Chris Evans’ character is different enough that this film stands out from the pack for better or worse. The fact that it’s based on a true story may sweeten the deal for some, but I’d just prefer a good story, regardless of whether or not it’s a big ole’ lie.

In investigating a¬†pharmaceutical¬†innovation, (good or bad; it’s not entirely clear) Chris Evans‘ lawyer goes up against the establishment all while maintaining a pretty impressive drug habit, as demonstrated in the opening scene of the trailer. However, as we move along the story Evans appears to clean his act up. Whether or not this represents a return to the conventional legal thriller narrative isn’t clear, but his charm is enough to take us there without asking any questions.

Cause who doesn’t love an overachieving junkie? I know my parents do.


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