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New ‘Project X’ Trailer Features A Dog In A Moon Bounce, Wins Me Over

Test audience reactions to the Todd Phillips produced Project X has been positive, proclaiming it the “best party movie ever.” But that’s only because no one has ever filmed my partys. The buffalo deviled eggs are off the hook, guys.

Those familiar with the project know that director Nima Nourizadeh cast relative unknowns for the story of high school nerds who become legendary after throwing the most epic party. How epic? Hot chicks, at least one dwarf, tasers, flame-throwers, and not to be overlooked, a little dog in a moon bounce. The dog alone sells me. Is it too late to get him a Golden Collar nom?

Another audience member referred to it as “Superbad on crack.” Hey, let’s all go out and try some crack. It looks awesome! (Coming Soon)

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