Piers Morgan Really Misses Patrice O'Neal

She seemed like a nice lady. Piers Morgan is really broken up about the death of comedian Patrice O'Neal. While interviewing Dane Cook last night he acknowledged that "it's been a sad day for comedy." He went on to comment that O'Neal was very funny before dropping a bombshell that could only come from CNN. I hope you're sitting down. Patrice O'Neal was actually a woman. Before jumping to a clip of the late seemingly-male comic, Morgan provided some background. "She died of a stroke today. I want to take a quick look at Patrice on Jimmy Fallon, to remind everyone just how funny she was." Wow. She really hid her secret well. (Gawker)

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'Dexter Morgan's Laboratory'. Need We Say More?

There's a new most dangerous cartoon in town. Move over, Archer. To be fair, it's not that big a departure. They are both stocky, somewhat outcasts, and they have an appreciation of science. While the video's pretty funny, I never realized how integral the score of Dexter was to the show, but it definitely let's you know what's up in this cartoon. In the off chance that the plastic wrap, blood slides, and nosy sister didn't tell you what this show was alluding to.


'Born to be Wild 3D' Trailer Features Cute Animals, Morgan Freeman

Only one thing could be better than cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D. And that’s cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D as narrated by Mr. Morgan Freeman! Only one thing could be better than cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D. And that's cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D as narrated by Mr. Morgan Freeman! Luckily, that's just what Born to be Wild 3D provides. The film tells the story of orphaned animals who have been rescued by humans, and follows their journey to return to the wild. While the movie is sure to provide an inspiring message of conservation and environmental stewardship, that's not why you're here. You want to see a bunch of stupid monkeys, preferably, monkeys who are throwing poop at each other! Well, the trailer has the monkeys covered. As for the poop throwing, I guess we'll just have to wait for the actual film.


SJ Show: Morgan Freeman Reads 'The Fox' By Ylvis

We also got Robert De Niro's rendition of Miley's 'Wrecking Ball' somehow. Turns out that Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline -- the Mt. Rushmore of acting -- will do pretty much anything you ask. And so, with Last Vegas in theaters this weekend and because the movie is about recapturing youth, we thought we'd have the patriarchs of cinema read lyrics from some of the most popular young musical artists of today. Morgan Freeman interprets Ylvis - "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)", De Niro puts his spin on Miley Cyrus, Kevin Kline tackles One Direction, and Michael Douglas loves his "Chinese Food." We can't believe we actually got them to do this. Everybody go see Last Vegas like nine times this weekend! Rules.


Tosh.0 2.1 Premieres Tonight!

Tosh .O Best of the Worst Promo New Eps Oct 8th Thursday - Watch more Funny Videos Tosh .O Best of the Worst Promo New Eps Oct 8th Thursday - Watch more Funny VideosAll right webheads. Time to switch gears and put your Couch Potato caps back on for tonight's second season premiere of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. That's right. Step away from your computer so that you can watch things you normally see on your computer on your television. Why go to all the trouble? Because your computer doesn't offer plucky commentary via the hilarious Daniel Tosh. Nor does your computer give you one-on-one interviews and sketches with your favorite viral personalities. Also, don't you want to see a heavy set woman topple off a table in glorious anamorphic widescreen? Yeah, you do.


Eminem Looked A Little Out Of It During A College Football Interview

It wouldn't be the first time Brent Musberger did drugs with Eminem. Though it's too late to keep many overly-concerned Americans from simply screaming "DRUGS!" a fairly vacant and befuddled-looking Eminem was pretty damn funny during the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday night. Eminem went to the announcing booth to promote his new single Berzerk, and was teetering slowly, mouth agape in stunning fashion. While it's easy to say "Eminem's on drugs!" (and you'd probably be right), I think it's far more likely he was bored with these painful promotional exercises, and wanted to spice things up by wobbling back and forth. In any event, just do this when you're stuck in a boring situation, and it will end sooner than you think!


'That Awkward Moment' Gives Us The Zac Efron Bro Film That We've Been Missing

When your bros get girlfriends, that's against the bro code (or something. I don't really know what I'm saying.) While Zac Efron has been enjoying a steady ascent in terms of the roles he's been taking, he took a few months off to just hang with bros, ya know? If you don't understand what that's about, then you're...you're not gettin' it, man. That Awkward Moment is a terribly-named film that surounds Efron and his buddies as his relationship with a girl evolves from casual to dating. Seriously, that seems to be the premise of the movie. Anyway, it actually seems sorta funny. Watch and agree with me.


'Captain America' Trailer Preview Almost Ruined By "Entertainment Tonight"

This trailer-preview-thing for director Joe Johnston's 'Captain America' comes courtesy of "E.T.," who got their glitziness and excessive voice over all over Cap's shield. Can't wait for the full Captain America: The First Avenger trailer to drop? Here's something to tide you Marvel-loving nerd soldiers over: a preview video for the trailer. That's right, it's a preview designed to hype an upcoming trailer. 2012 is getting closer and closer, folks. This trailer-preview-thing for director Joe Johnston's Captain America comes courtesy of "Entertainment Tonight," who got their glitziness and excessive voice over all over Cap's shield. Disgusting. However, to quote the great Homer Simpson, "it's still good. It's still good." We've also got a very, very short clip from the trailer off Paramount's Twitter feed. If you blink and press play at the same time, you'll miss what happens. Better get the clothespins out for those pesky eyelids. (Cinema Blend)