Pick All The Bugs You Can Out Of The Trailer For 'Chimpanzee'

This chimp's gonna be a star! Another Earth Day, another documentary from Disneynature - this year it's one entitled African Cats. But you're not interested in cats, are you? No, chimpanzees are way more interesting animals - well, you're in luck! Attached to African Cats is a trailer for next year's Disneynature documentary, Chimpanzee. It's about a three-year-old Chimp named "Oscar" due to his grouchy disposition and proclivity for taking shelter in garbage cans. The release date, of course, is Earth Day 2012, also known as End of Earth Day. I gotta say, if the world's going to end, I don't think I want to spend it watching a documentary about an adopted chimp. I think I'll watch Terminator 2 instead.