Peter Weir's 'The Way Back' Trailer

Director Peter Weir is back with The Way Back, another tale of epic proportions. The film stars Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, and Ed Harris, and tells of prisoners escaping from a Soviet gulag who have to brave the harsh elements to get back home.

We've seen survival stories such as this dozens of times, but Weir usually never disappoints. I'm big fan of The Truman Show, Master and Commander, and of course Dead Poets Society. The Way Back doesn't feature a bearded and dramatic Robin Williams, mind you, but I'll check it out anyway.

The Way Back opens December 29th in Los Angeles to make the Oscar cut, and then rolls out across the rest of the country in January.

Check out the trailer below.

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The Way Back

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Ed Harris Walks It Out In New 'The Way Back' Trailer

Personally, I don't even like walking to the TV when I can't find the remote, let alone across a tundra, desert, and over mountains. But I guess that's what seperates me from the Ed Harrises and Jim Sturgesses of the world. In this new trailer for Peter Weir's The Way Back, we follow a group of soldiers imprisoned in Siberia. Deciding that prison sucks because it's too cold and they're tired of watching one another sh*t, they team up to escape. And then they walk really far. Through the Arctic, the Gobi desert, and over the Himilayas. Why though? Was the prison really looking that hard for them after a few days of searching? They probably could have just moved a few towns over and grown mustaches. Dummies. Walk it out after the jump...


'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer: Welcome Back

The rules have been reset. The trailer of Terminator: Genisys begins with a naked Kyle Reese floating in a time machine while resistance leader John Connor and several others stare at his wang with hopeful eyes. However, the 1984 that he expected to travel back to no longer exists. There's been some kind of rift that's created an alternate universe where Sarah Connor is a badass with an aged T-800 for a father. It sets the stage for big rewards for fans of the first two films by re-purposing iconic characters, dialogue, locations, and sequences. I know it looks confusing, but if this new direction works the pay-off will be worth it. Think of it as being awesome in all of the ways that Back to the Future II is (multiple versions of one character in the same timeline; scenes revisited), but with the added bonus of killer robots, your favorite Terminator catchphrases, and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in Mr. Olympia shape thanks to the miracles of CGI.


'Paranormal Activity 3' Trailer Goes Back To The 80's

Why does this family videotape their every action? Are they the Kardashians? Taking a page out of JJ Abrams's Super 8 playbook, Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli has decided to go retro for the third installment of the found footage franchise. This time, rather than filming in the vain of Steven Spielberg, they chose to pay homage to Full House. Or something. At first I was certain that this was a well-produced fan-made video but it seems to be the genuine article. It also looks like it solves the mystery of why these girls have been haunted their entire lives. Hopefully, it will also explain why this family loves to videotape their every move. They're like the Kardashians. Paranormal Activity 3 is directed by the Catfish team of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and will be in theaters October 21st, 2011.


Jack, Get Back: MTV's 'Footloose' Trailer Is Here

You'd think after more than two decades of crack and teenage pregnancies, this town would have gotten over the whole "no dancing" thing. [post-album postid="217364" item="1"]The new trailer for Footloose is exactly what you'd think it would be: Footloose, but, you know, for MTV. The story seems to be the exact same as the Kevin Bacon original, except now the high school students are crumping. Because all kids in 2011, even in the small towns, crump almost daily. The census taught us that. John Lithgow's big, bad dad is now played by Dennis Quaid. Hmm...what else? The lead character shows up for the first day of school in a hipster tie, so it's hard to feel sorry about everything that happens to him from that point on. Then Julianne Hough comes in with her attitude and sunglasses and hips. I like that. And from there characters appear to race modified school buses in a junkyard. What? Yes.


Getting Back Into The Dating World Sucks For Keanu In 'Knock Knock' Trailer

It seems like there's always a catch when two anonymous hotties show up at your house and have sex with you. As we saw in the teaser for Knock Knock, Keanu Reeves plays a good dad and husband who loves his family perhaps even more than he loves chocolate with sprinkles. But he puts all the chocolate and all the sprinkles in jeopardy when he allows two rain-drenched, horny strangers into his home. After he makes the innocent mistake of having sex with them in several rooms of the house, they turn the tables and make him pay for his transgressions in a not-sexy way. Chicks are weird, man.


Back In <del>Black</del> Orange: 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Trailer

Take another look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos. Orange Is The New Black is back with a trailer for season two which was almost the perfect opportunity to use AC/DC's "Back In Black." Almost. Thanks to the shortsightedness of the show titling dept., there will be no rocking with anybody's anything out. The Netflix original series gives us a look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos.


'Contraband' Trailer Pulls Mark Wahlberg Back In

Also features a semi-dressed Kate Beckinsale. If Mark Wahlberg overpowers you and puts a gun to your head while warning you not to harm his wife and kid, the last thing you should up and do is harm his wife or kid. Obviously Giovanni Ribisi didn't get that memo. Here he is in this Contraband trailer harming wives and kids like nobody's business. Get a clue, guy. The trailer also features a short montage of Kate Beckinsale getting dressed. I don't want to tell you trailer editors how to do your job, but you might want to consider playing that footage backward. And slowly. Oh yeah, that's more like it.


'Hercules' Trailer: They Keep Pulling Him Back In

Hercules just wants to chill. All Hercules wanted was a simple life where he could chill and stare at his true love's butt and not have to worry about killing any giant monsters or demon warrior things. Well, Hercules, you can't always get what you want. Some jerk gods decide that a civilized Hercules is no good for anyone and they kill his family, setting him on the well-trodden action hero path for vengeance. This trailer points out that we might have to sit through ten or so minutes of Hercules figuring himself out but the rest is all monster-killing so plan your pee break accordingly.


The Creed Trailer Takes Us Back To Philly

But is he good enough to face Hulk Hogan AND Mr. T? In the first trailer for Creed, the student once again becomes the mumbly teacher. Rocky Balboa works the other side of the ropes when he's approached by the son of his former opponent/mentor/best friend Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan stars as the son of the boxing legend who turns to Balboa with own aspirations of stepping into the ring. The advice he's given is that he needs to learn how to take a punch. Probably not the best lesson coming from a guy whose face looks like a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern in December.