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‘Perfect Sense’ Is A Disaster Movie Without The Disaster

Those who have been waiting patiently for the most somber love story of all time may now relax. It’s here, in the form of Perfect Sense, a drama featuring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. The trailer shows a lot of sorrow, but with it, a few secrets between characters that seem to give the whole movie purpose. What are those secrets? The trailer doesn’t hint at what they are, only that they exist. What could the secrets be? Please remember: I like my speculation rampant.

As they fall in love, for one reason or another the world begins to lose its collective sensory perception, and the couple face crises of self, which should probably take a backseat to losing your actual senses, but to each their own.┬áThe downplayed disaster movie angle here shows some real restraint, with the director, David MacKenzie, seeming to opt to tell the story of the two lovers, rather than the world’s reaction. A disaster movie sans disaster.

In addition to the two leads, the supporting cast boasts longtime McGregor costar Ewen Bremner and Connie Nielsen. The film premieres next week at the Sundance Film Festival. While it doesn’t look very fun, it does look intriguing, so expect some news about release and distribution shortly thereafter. (Playlist)

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