People Have A Messed Up Definition Of Paradise In New 'Terra Nova' Trailer

This trailer is hitting theaters this weekend if you want to see it really, really big. [post-album postid="14611" item="1"]Though we never got that sneak preview that Steven Spielberg promised, we do have a new trailer for Fox's "Terra Nova." This look at the series shows a bit more of how sucky the year 2149 is as well as a lot more of the action we'll see in the pre-historic past.
Not only will Jason O'Mara have to worry about his kids being eaten by dinosaurs, but he'll also have to deal with bad guys. Kind of gives the show the cool feeling that"The Walking Dead" has where the main character needs to maintain justice while dealing with this extreme survival situation. Also dinosaurs eat people on this show and that's awesome 98% of the time (the Carnosaur films brought down the average).