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People From The Office Are Pretty Boring When They’re Not on The Office

When I know actors for one specific act or character, I don’t like when they go outside of that. It’s like when I saw Rodney Dangerfield as a child molesting wife beater in Natural Born Killers and a tiny bit of te magic went out of Caddyshack. But after watching this Office short starring Jenna Fischer and the chick who plays Angela, I realize that they’re something even worse: Annoying yentas.

I hear they’re going to make another one of these shorts where Jim and Dwight go shopping for jock straps and then beat a stray dog to death with a chair leg. Not really, but that would probably be a little easier for me to watch than these two ladies gabbing it up in the back of a limo. Did they really have to throw in the Sex and the City reference? My brain hurts.

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