'Peep World' Has Some Really Funny People Ruining Dinner

A whole mess of comedians portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad's 70th birthday. This movie is so serious about its comedy that the producers got Lewis Black to do the narration for the trailer. Hip to the fact that they should probably get some funny actors as well, they set forth and returned with Rainn Wilson, Michael C. Hall (who actually is funny), Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer, Ben Schwartz, and a whole mess of others to portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad's 70th birthday. Up to this point, it sounds a bit like Arrested Development, which it totally fine, but the family starts to resent their younger brother who has aired the family's dirty laundry, albeit in a fictional fashion. In short, it's a movie about a family bickering. Which has been done to death, but not with this caliber of comedians. Would I want this cast in a movie about the atrocities of WWII? Probably not. Will I take them as bickering drunkards? Every day of the week. (Yahoo Movies!)

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'Annie' Trailer Shows Willow Smith Enjoying The Benefits Of A Really Rich Dad

I wonder what she's drawing from to convey that? The Annie remake was circulating for a very long time, with most of the cast and producers dropping in and out. With the second trailer having just been released, I think we can assume that it's on its way. We've got Jamie Foxx as "Benjamin Stacks," which is a pretty cool Daddy Warbucks proxy-name. We've got Cameron Diaz playing...someone. And we've got real-life underprivileged orphan Willow Smith playing a character who gets fast-tracked to easy street with a larger than life father figure. It's got something for everyone! Also, as the embed shows, you can Shazam this trailer for additional bonus footage, which is weird, but whatever. Annie hits theaters on December 19th, 2014. Fun for the whole nepotistic family!


'Fast & Furious 7' Trailer Isn't Messing Around

That was awesome. The first trailer for Fast & Furious 7 begins by showing the team drive their cars out of a plane and parachute onto a mountain highway where they use grappling hooks to rip the back off an armored transport bus and rescue a hostage before the bus falls off a cliff while Paul Walker runs dramatically on top of it and leaps onto the back of Michelle Rodriguez's car at the last second. It's all very thrilling and something Scorpion should aspire to. For all the reports that Fast & Furious 7 had scripting problems following the untimely death of Paul Walker, this sequence seems like the perfect opportunity to write his character out of the script. Simply, have his parachuting car land in a tree. Then show Vin Diesel receiving a text that says, "Landed in tree. I'll just hang here. Good luck with the mission. - Brian." I don't know why they felt they needed to complicate things. Amongst the exhilarating stunts, is perhaps the most exciting thing you'll ever see in a movie. It concerns the Rock regarding the plaster cast on his broken arm. He mutters, "Daddy's gotta go to work," then breaks the cast off his arm by flexing before uppercut-punching Jason Statham through a window. As far as I'm concerned, this movie has no script problems.


Two Comedians Eat, Drink, And Bust Balls In 'The Trip'

It's kinda like going on a 70-minute road trip with two hilarious British friends. It's exactly like that, actually. The Trip is essentially a movie about two comedians hanging out. Shot as a BBC miniseries, a camera crew followed around Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, as they adopted amplified versions of their personas for the cameras. (Think "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but good-natured.) The miniseries has been boiled down to a 70-minute documentary/feature that follows the duo around as they tour England, eating, drinking, and doing nothing in particular. No word on when, if ever, the full series will come stateside. In meantime enjoy some killer impressions over dinner. The Trip hits theaters June 10. "She was only 16 years old." (Watch it. You'll see.)


The "Ghost Dad" Horror Trailer Just Got a Lot Scarier

The idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Around Halloween, our dear friend Todd Spence released a recut trailer for Ghost Dad, showing us what the 1990 stinker would be like as a horror film. And now that Bill Cosby has become America's Greatest Monster, it's way scarier. I mean, it's still pretty funny, but damn...the idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Give it a look if you missed it the first time around.


'Furious 7' Trailers Still Refusing To Mess Around

I don't know what I just saw but I know that I loved it. Last time with checked in with Furious 7, the team of international really good drivers were driving parachuting cars through the sky as part of a rescue mission. In this second trailer, they've upped the ante. How so? By having Vin Diesel drive a car out the side of a skyscraper without a parachute before crashing/landing in another skyscraper all while Jason Statham is shooting missiles at him. How'd did he even get the car inside the first skyscraper to begin with? Did they build it up there? These movies thumb their nose at the concepts of physics and reality, and I couldn't love them anymore for it.


‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Teaser Has A Whole Mess Of Danger

The lines are so clean! Here's the first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, without its Secret of the Unicorn subtitle. I have to say, I'd been looking forward to this movie. I think the comes by Hergé are fun, filled with the kind of action and set-pieces that make great adventure movies. And who better to direct that kind of throwback action picture than Steven Spielberg, who pioneered the form with Raiders of the Lost Ark? I was even the slightest bit optimistic about the infamous motion-capture animation, because I thought Spielberg, producer Peter Jackson, and co. would be able to do away with the creepy dead-eyed uncanny valley effect I'd grown accustomed to. I'll still go see the movie, but this teaser has diminished my optimism significantly. All the shots without people look really cool - a 3D shiny interpolation of the art of the comics. But the characters all have those lifeless eyes, like a doll's eyes, chief. Remember Jaws? Sigh. Below is a poster for the movie as well, which also attempts to hide those dead-eyed stares.


Sarah Hyland From 'Modern Family' Just Texted To Say I Love You

Keep in mind, she doesn't really love you. Check out this ne Break Original video, I Just Texted to Say I Love You, starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland. It's just like the song, "I Just Called To Say I Love You", but ya know, all techie and stuff, because calling people is for losers...losers like your grandparents. So help me God, I feel like a real creep staring at Sarah Hyland every time I watch Modern Family. But come to find out, she's 20 years old, so I don't have to feel bad at all! Hooray for small victories!


Celebrate Child Murder With The 'Hunger Games' Trailer

That's entertainment. Lionsgate premiered the long trailer for The Hunger Games this morning. It's got everything you'd expect. Attractive but terrified teens, the makings of a love triangle, and outlandish facial hair. Seriously, Wes Bentley. What are you thinking? Facial hair like that would even get you beat up in Williamsburg. It does look like an impressive effort. We aren't shown any kid-on-kid violence in this preview, but we are privy to the training sessions where children are taught the right way to decapitate mannequins. It's all about your follow-through.