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‘Peep World’ Has Some Really Funny People Ruining Dinner

This movie is so serious about its comedy that the producers got Lewis Black to do the narration for the trailer. Hip to the fact that they should probably get some funny actors as well, they set forth and returned with Rainn Wilson, Michael C. Hall (who actually is funny), Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer, Ben Schwartz, and a whole mess of others to portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad’s 70th birthday.

Up to this point, it sounds a bit like Arrested Development, which it totally fine, but the family starts to resent their younger brother who has aired the family’s dirty laundry, albeit in a fictional fashion. In short, it’s a movie about a family bickering. Which has been done to death, but not with this caliber of comedians. Would I want this cast in a movie about the atrocities of WWII? Probably not. Will I take them as bickering drunkards? Every day of the week. (Yahoo Movies!)

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