Peep The New 'Elysium' Trailer

In Elysium, most people can hear you scream. So be courteous. Matt Damon, looking odd with a shaved head, is off to do some good as he takes the denizens of a crime-infested, overpopulated earth (basically, the same earth we knew of from District 9), and tries to get them up to the wealthy colony that is Elysium. Does he do it? [Spoiler alert made out of ignorance, but speaking from a general knowledge of film] Probably.

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Extended 'Elysium' Trailer: Matt Damon Has Cool Bullets

Eat your heart out, Judge Dredd. Eat your heart out, Judge Dredd. The more that we see, the more it looks like Elysium will probably be this summer's best movie. Matt Damon stars as a guy trying to stay out of trouble on Shitty Future Earth who has to resort to extreme measures when an industrial accident leaves him with only five days to live. Those extreme measures involve an exoskeleton, explode-y bullets, and breaking into Rich Person Space Station Land where they have cures for every disease just laying around. Too bad for them there is no cure for Matt Damon shoving a gun down their throat.


Behold, The Trailer For Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium'

How do you like these space apples? Neill Blomkamp, who made his debut with an inventive sci-fi film about a man leveling out class inequality with the aid of advanced weaponry, is back with Elysium, a different inventive sci-fi film about a man leveling out class inequality with the aid of advanced weaponry. In the future, the wealthy live free of poverty and illness on the space station Elysium. While the rest of us poor mooks live on Earth like a bunch of sick losers. Matt Damon stars as an ex-con on Earth who uses a weaponized exoskeleton to aid his mission to break into Elysium, rip killer robots apart with his bare hands, and find a cure for the cancer that is rapidly


Cyborg Matt Damon Fights For The 99 Percent In 'Elysium' Trailer

This new look at Elysium focuses less on how awesome the space city of Elysium is and more on the events that cause Matt Damon to have a badass exoskeleton grafted onto his body. It ranks between the ill-advised plastic surgery victim and Greg Kinnear's conjoined twin on the scale of Matt Damon screen transformations. This trailer also features previously unseen footage of robot cops being complete dicks. I can't wait to see Matt Damon running around in outer space ripping their mechanical heads off.


'Another Earth' Mostly Focuses On This Earth

It would appear that the NASA in this movie really sucks if they can't find a planet in our solar system. What if there was another Earth in our solar system? That's the question Another Earth addresses in a convoluted fashion. More specifically, the question Another Earth addresses is "What if there was another earth in our solar system and an angsty girl shot in soft light wrote a poem about it, then maybe killed Ethan from "Lost" in a car accident, then played Nintendo Wii with him on the other Earth?" What would you do then, huh? If you answered, "Be a little confused and frustrated that such a great concept is made to look so boring," then you are correct. This film appears as though it doesn't really depend on the whole "there are two Earths" notion, which seems like a waste of a good premise. It's possible the cool parts are hiding, but none came screaming out of Another Earth, the bastard lovechild of Contact and Girl, Interrupted.


'Insidious 2' International Trailer Pretty Much Ignores 'Insidious'

Looks like they didn't spend more money on The Further this time. Ah, the joys of raising a haunted child. After moving into yet another new house, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne just can't shake those pesky ghosts. The international trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2 mostly shows us what we've already seen when Wilson and Byrne move the family into grandma's house and pretty much ruin its resale value. Even in this market, murder houses are notoriously tough to unload.


Vampires And Werewolves Fight Colonial Ghosts Or Something In 'Breaking Dawn - Part II' Trailer

The long wait pays off. After this, no more 'Twilight'. A longer look at last week's trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II is now available to view and fans shou-- WHAT?! Kristen Stewart just tackled a mountain lion in mid-air. Totally T-boned it, too!! I always thought these movies were about whispering and ab muscles. Had I known there would be big cat wrestling, I'd have made an effort to see them. Also of note, Robert Pattinson punches the ground and breaks it and it looks like there's heavy amounts of karate. All kidding aside, those things are normally very awesome. But here they just look super cheap. Don't these movies make all the money? Any chance they could invest more into the special effects and white powder make-up on Michael Sheen? He looks like a Scooby Doo villian.


OK Go Continues Ignore The Death Of The Music Video With Another Fun One For 'The Writing's On The Wall'

I wonder how this will do on 'TRL'. OK Go, a band that's long been known as "that band that makes the cool videos" has given us two one-take videos already, one of which involves a lot of treadmills, and the other, more desperate video, a giant Rube Goldberg machine. Here they are with "The Writing's on the Wall," featuring a billion sorta-impressive optical illusions. It's a cool video, but I think after the first video they did in this vein, we hit the point of diminishing returns. ANYWAY, out of context, it's a fun song, and a cool video, so enjoy it or they'll just start doing Imagine Dragons cover.