Pearl Jam Covers 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen' In Concert

They went into the song as a segue from "Daughter." They must be getting softer in their old age. Iconic rockers Pearl Jam have long made a habit of taking a familiar riff in one song, then letting it lead to another familiar one, most notably in their live performance of "Better Man" that dovetails into a cover of The English Beat's "Save it for Later." However, that might be lost on the younger market, so perhaps Pearl Jam was making a more overt gesture towards the tween market with their performance of Frozen's "Let It Go."

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Flying Robots Perform The 'James Bond' Theme Song, For Realz

I don't say "for realz" often, so you know this is legit. Normally when you hear the words "flying" and "robots" you immediately think of some crappy Michael Bay movie. But today, when I mention flying robots, I'm not talking about some CGI bullshit. I'm talking about honest-to-goodness flying robots. And rather than causing death from above, as flying robots are wont to do, these little animatronic bastards are performing the theme song from the James Bond movies. What an age we live in. For this years TED 2012 conference, Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania pre-programmed the quadrotors to play the iconic song using instruments such as a a keyboard, cymbals, and a giant guitar custom made out of a couch frame. After all, its hard to play a regular guitar while you're flying through the air. Just as John Denver. Zing! What, too soon? (EW)


Eddie Vedder Ditches Pearl Jam To Sing 'Better Man' On The Second-To-Last Letterman Show

I would have liked to see him sing 'Jeremy' as an ode to Letterman, but that's a little inappropriate, isn't it? While David Letterman may be considered the old guard among talk show hosts today, he's got a definitively rock and roll leaning when it comes to music. So it's no surprise that in his last days as host of Late Show, Letterman is bringing the rock one last time. Last week, we had Ryan Adams, and last night, we had Eddie Vedder, sans Pearl Jam, singing a particularly emotional rendition of Better Man with the Late Show band backing him up. Here's the clip: Not bad, Eddie. Let's see if Bob Dylan can out pace him tonight.


Cameron Crowe's 'Pearl Jam Twenty' Takes A Shocking 'Pro-Pearl Jam' Stance

This documentary harkens back to a day when musicians didn't have to wear meat dresses or shoot fireworks out of their bosom to matter. The trailer for Cameron Crowe's Pearl Jam documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, doesn't leave much to discuss, save for the hilarious opening question posed by David Lynch to a befuddled Eddie Vedder. "How old were you and where were you when music started being a thing for you?" It's a valid question, but fortunately, the rest of the trailer seems to rely much more heavily on band interviews and archive footage than it does on Mr. Lynch's inquiring mind. Of course, the trailer makes the doc out to be something of a puff piece, which is no surprise given Cameron Crowe's love of music in general and working class rock specifically. That said, the band has maintained popularity and a degree of relevance for twenty years now (hence the name) so perhaps they deserve a little love.


Get Familiar With James Corden, The Guy Who Will Be Replacing Craig Ferguson On CBS

He seems like someone I'd sit on a couch and talk to. CBS is returning to Britain to find their Craig Ferguson replacement for The Late Show, and they've found him in affable writer/producer James Corden. Corden has appeared in films such as The Three Musketeers, Gavin and Stacey, and is appearing in the upcoming Into the Woods. That might not be terribly helpful in learning more about this dude, so we gave a clip of Corden as a guest on a talk show, so just imagine he's sitting on the other side and someone like, I dunno, Jason Segel is sitting where he is, promoting some movie. I don't know if this will endear Corden to viewers any more or less, but he's also got a background in musical theater, so there will also probably be lots of...singing. Huh.


Little Girl's 'Let Me Poop' Parody Of 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go' Also Deserves An Oscar

From the mouths of babes. Over the last ten months, I've been "invited" to watch my friend's daughter perform her own recital of "Let It Go" from Frozen on many occassions. I listen politely. Smile. Act complimentary. Because it is really cute. But to tell you the full truth, I found the performances a little flat. There was no flair, the pitch was horrible, and in not once did she commit with their upper body. It's a performance, honey. Sell me some sizzle. Thankfully, YouTuber Emily Mandelbaum knows how to capture the attention of an audience. Her fresh take on the new classic is a classic in its own right. Take note, Aretha Franklin. This is how you leave your mark on an existing hit.