Paul Walker Becomes Parkour Walker In 'Brick Mansions'

We have a new Jackie Chan. Brick Mansions looks to be a pretty faithful Paul Walker-ized version of Luc Besson's French film District B13. In Walker's second-to-last film, he plays Detroit's best detective who is tasked with saving the Mayor from the city's most dangerous area. Despite his superior ability to beat the goo out of bad guys, he is sadly not a Parkour master and that's what this mission calls for. So, he is teamed with David Belle's convict Parkour master. The unlikely duo team up to take down a host of really big dudes and avoid the awkward conversation that they're starring in a Jackie Chan movie without Jackie Chan.

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Channing Tatum Is Jamie Bell's Slave In 'The Eagle' Trailer

The Eagle trailer has landed (nailed it). Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, and directed by Kevin Macdonald, it follows a soldier and his slave in 140 A.D. as they go on a quest to retrieve a treasured gold Eagle emblem that Tatum's father lost 20 years earlier. the Eagle trailer has landed (nailed it). Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, and directed by Kevin Macdonald, it follows a soldier and his slave in 140 A.D. as they go on a quest to retrieve a treasured gold Eagle emblem that Tatum's father lost 20 years earlier. Well he didn't so much lose it as it vanished along with himself and his entir legion. That's a major soldier faux pas--not returning. No wonder Tatum's character wants to restore his father's sullied reputation. He's known as the dude whose dad los the Eagle. Major Trojan wedgies warranted. The Eagle lands in theaters February 25, 2011. (Apple)


Paul Walker Borrows Mom's Car In 'Vehicle 19' Trailer

More like Paul Driver. Vehicle 19 seems to start out as most Paul Walker movies do with Paul Walker getting out of prison and having his plans of walking the line messed up by getting into some trouble that requires him to drive quickly. However, this time there's a twist. In Vehicle 19, Paul Walker MUST. DRIVE. A. MINIVAN. How is he supposed to protect a key witness from a villainous police force and blow stuff up without a vehicle capable of speed boosts and drifting? This is the most embarrassing thing to happen to a cast member of The Fast and the Furious since Vin Diesel had to drive that minivan in The Pacifier. At this point, he's done so many driving movies, I'm not certain he really has legs. O, the irony of being a Walker.


Lake Bell Lies To Be With Simon Pegg In Totally Fictional 'Man Up'

'Divergent' is more believable than this. Man Up stars Simon Pegg as a guy who has a great time with his blind date who isn't completely, totally honest with him. Lake Bell stars as the lying liar who lies in order to be with him. Just so we're clear that this is a work of fiction, Lake Bell looks like this: And Simon Pegg looks like this.Once her deceit is revealed, they then break up and spend the rest of the movie figuring out that they want to be together. What until he finds out that she's not even really British.


Kristen Bell Has A Wet Butt In 'The Lifeguard' Trailer

When life gives you lemons, bang a teenager. So if the headline of this article is a little off base. This trailer for The Lifeguard doesn't specifically focus on Kristen Bell's butt being wet at any point but there are several scenes involving swimming and sitting at a pool's edge. Both of these activities typically lead to some level of wet butt. Like it or not, Kristen Bell's wet butt is in Google's hands now. The Lifeguard is actually more dramatic than a case of wet butt. Bell stars as a woman on the cusp of thirty who feels sad and stymied. Tired of moping around the Astor Place subway station, she opts to move back home with her parents and return to her high school job as a local lifeguard. She then spirals into a summer of immaturity that leads to a romance with a teenager. I'm not sure "carefree" is an attribute we want in our nation's lifeguards. She'd better shape up and realize that calf cramps are one killer who doesn't take a holiday.


Jimmy Fallon Returned to Bayside High With the Cast of 'Saved by the Bell' Last Night

Thankfully, Screech was not in attendance. With the hilariously dark Every 90's Commercial Ever currently blowing up the Twitters and Youtubes, you might say that 90's nostalgia has reached an all-time high. And who knows how to capture our cultural addiction to nostalgia better than Jimmy Fallon? NO ONE, DUM-DUM. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK SUCH A STUPID QUESTION? Aaaaaanyway, Fallon cashed-in big with 90's nerds last night by reuniting the cast of Saved by the Bell for the first time since The College Years, a.k.a the Baywatch Nights of the SbtB canon. Our two main takeaways: 1). Thank God, Dustin Diamond was nowhere to be found. 2). Good God, Mr. Belding is looking rough. Check out the clip above. (Yes, it includes a Mario Lopez dance moment.) Related: Jimmy Fallon recreates the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song


A Naughtier Look At 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy'

Warning: swear words. [post-album postid="217592" item="1"]This red band trailer for Jason Sudeikis's next raunchy comedy, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, gives us a pretty funny look at the movie's dirtier scenes, but it will also show you things that can't be unseen. Chief among them: David Koechner enjoying reverse cowgirl while dressed like a sea captain. It's what I'd do too if I had Anchorman fame. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy starring Sudeikis, Tyler Labine, Leslie Bibb, Lucy Punch, Will Forte, Martin Starr, Lake Bell, Nick Kroll, and Lindsay Sloane, opens on September 2nd wherever fine films about orgies are shown.