Pass The Red Band Trailer For 'High Road', Man

This trailer will be funnier if you're high. Stoner comedies are experiencing a bit of a resurgence of late, what with the stonerly acclaimed Harold & Kumar movies, Pineapple Express, and Your Highness. And now it looks like indie comedian Matt Walsh is getting in on that sweet hydroponic action with High Road. Get it? "High"? Anyway, here's the trailer, which kind of seems like it was put together by someone under the influence of cannabis sativa, in that it's meandering and sluggish. Hopefully the movie will be a lot better, especially with the cast that it has. Take a look at these names: Lizzy Caplan, Rob Riggle, Ed Helms, Horatio Sanz, and Kyle Gass are just some of the people in this thing. And the movie seems to be largely improvised, so maybe the trailer is a fluke. Third option: That you think the trailer is hilarious and I'm an idiot and/or high right now.

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This 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Should Hit All The Right Notes

Life looks kinda difficult for these guys. We got a December trailer, and then an international trailer two weeks ago, and now we're getting the first theatrical trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. It seems to check all the boxes of what fans would want out of Mad Max sequel. In addition to staying very true to the originals in terms of production design, it also features some very hot women (Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and even an actual Australian! (Tom Hardy) The film is going with a hard R for violence and whatnot, so you can expect the film to be as gruesome as its source material would suggest. Beyond that, maybe you should just scope out the trailer and see if this particular brand of film is right for someone like you. If so, you can catch it in theaters on May 15th. (Collider)


Star Trek Trailer Has High Five

This is not the same Star Trek that I use to fall asleep during on Saturday nights when I was a young chap. I’m predicting that the world will fight a third war that will be started by autograph hungry Twilight fans and incredibly pissed off Trekkies rioting in the streets. Video after the More. This is not the same Star Trek that I use to fall asleep during on Saturday nights when I was a young chap. I’m predicting that the world will fight a third war that will be started by autograph hungry Twilight fans and incredibly pissed off Trekkies rioting in the streets. Video after the More. More:A Fanboy Rants: In Defense of The Star Trek Trailer


McConaughey Practices Road Law In Trailer For ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

Matthew McConaughey stars as The Lincoln Lawyer. If he cared about the environment, he'd be a Prius Lawyer. Never hire a lawyer who works out of their car. That's just a general rule of thumb. In this trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer, Matthew McConaughey does exactly that -- tools around town in a Lincoln while doling out shady legal advice. If he cared about the environment he'd have studied to be a Prius Lawyer. The film has a pretty diverse cast: McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Michael Pena, Margarita Levieva, and most notably Josh Lucas. What was Brad Furman thinking when he cast McConaughey and Lucas against each other? Doesn't he know that they can't be in the same place at the same time? A) it confuses the baby, and B) if they touch, the universe will fold in on itself.


New ‘Your Highness’ Trailer Features Possible Weed And Nudity

Hide the children! David Gordon Green's upcoming Your Highness promises to be a raunchy comedy the likes of which you haven't seen since last month's raunchy comedy. This one does have wizards, though. It also has Danny McBride in what appears to be a slight variation on Kenny Powers but with a bad British accent (this isn't an insult, that sounds awesome and I'll be there opening night). This has been somewhat belied by previous green-band trailers, that have gone so far as to obscure Natalie Portman's ass in a thong - even though that was declared Safe for Work by The Screen Junkies Coalition for Decency in the Media. Now we have a new red-band trailer, which in addition to Portman's aforementioned bethonged ass, some almost-nudity from some other females. Also, there's something other than cigarettes being smoked - probably weed. If you think this isn't too much for your delicate sensibilities, you can check out the trailer. If not, don't worry - there will probably be a green-band alternative for you soon. (MSN)


Seth Rogen And James Franco Bring Us The Trailer For 'The Interview'

I couldn't think of worse spies if I tried. Which I haven't. Seth Rogen, having sometimes, but still not all that often decided to stray from the road-tested formula of being a giant, grown-up boy, has once again teamed with James Franco and buddy/partner Evan Goldberg to bring us The Interview. It seems pretty high concept for him, too. The Interview follows Rogen and Franco as they take a diplomatic trip to North Korea to kill Kim Jung Un. Huh. That's...that's something. Even though the project is something of a departure, somewhat in the action vein, you'll still see a lot of familiar faces, including fan fave Lizzie Caplan. Take a look.


The World Is Fire And Blood In 'Mad Max: Fury Road' International Trailer

This film will be rated R "for intense scenes of things that have to happen in 'Mad Max' movies." As if there would be any other way to make a Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road has just officially received an R-rating for "intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images." You say "disturbing," I say "incredibly awesome." Have a look at the international trailer. It can only be described as mayhem. Finally a movie that pits post-apocalypse warriors against insane cannibals and has them fight to the death on speeding, blade-adorned vehicles inside of a tornado from the director of Happy Feet. (via JoBlo)