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Paris Hilton and Pee Wee In ‘Happiness’ Sequel

This is a nice fit for the You Cant Make This Stuff Up category. I’m still only partially recovered from the first installment. Which I watched 8 years ago.  I hope there’s Paul Reubens Paris sex scene that involves lots of crying and something having to do with stuffed animals and childhood.  

Paris Hilton in Happiness sequel? (THR)


Sharks In Venice as awesome as it sounds(Filmdrunk)


Lauren Shuler Donner talks Magneto (Filmonic)


Gary tries to keep from killing clowns (FunnyorDie)


Pooping art machine (TodaysBigThing)


Martin Campbell to direct Deadline (Variety)


Guillermo del Toro gives Hobbit update (Coming Soon)







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