'Pain And Gain' Trailer Looks Just Like 'Bad Boys', But With No Neck

I heard the tank top budget on this film was in the millions. Only Michael Bay would consider this undertaking indie or low-budget. If you're the kind of girl that likes muscles (and/or really wealthy Hollywood actors), this might be something you're interested in.

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R.I.P. 'Jet Set' Hudson

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'Pain & Gain' Red Band Trailer: The Comedy Stylings Of Michael Bay

It's funny because the fat characters act like normal, sexy people. There's a new, uncensored trailer for Michael Bay's "small" movie Pain & Gain. It's got just about everything you'd expect from a Michael Bay movie except aerial stunts, expensive CGI, and Hans Zimmer. But that leaves plenty of room for shoot outs, babes, explosions, and awkward attempts at comedy that suck the air out of the room. R.I.P. Rebel Wilson's buzz factor 2011 - Pain & Gain. Additionally, FilmDrunk pointed out Mark Wahlberg's tiny dinosaur arms and now it's the only thing I see when I look at him. Just like the tooth in the exact center of Tom Cruise's face.


Ugh, Space Zombies Are Real Pain In The Neck In 'Last Days Of Mars' Trailer

This is how it's done, 'Prometheus'! One thing seemingly lacking from Alfonso Cuaron's highly-anticipated Gravity is space zombies. It's a real missed opportunity. George Clooney's loss is Liev Schreiber's gain. In Last Days of Mars, he stars as an astronaut tasked with keeping space zombies from infecting his fellow crew members and, more importantly, spreading their gross Space AIDs or whatever to Earth. This is how it's done, Prometheus!


SJ Show: Rock Superfan Does Worst Interview Ever

We've sent our very own Nick Mundy to embarrass himself in front of his childhood hero. Mark Wahlberg was not impressed. When we were invited to the World Premiere of Pain & Gain in Miami, Florida with Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - we decided it would be much funnier to send our very own, Rock-obsessed superfan: Nick Mundy. With no experience or coaching, will Nick's nerves get the best of him when he's thrust into the world of "Film Junket Interviews" for the first time? Will they actually let him within thirty feet of The Rock?? Will Mark Wahlberg give him the stinkeye??? Those answers and more on this episode of The Screen Junkies Show.


Jake Gyllenhaal Is All Muscles And Tattoos In The Boxing Drama 'Southpaw'

Because you're fooling yourself if you're a serious actor who hasn't done a boxing film. If you wanted the archetypical boxing film, you've got it in Southpaw. Jake Gyllenhaal goes hard with ink and a distinctly non-Nightcrawler'physique to play a fighter with a heart of gold. In typical boxing movie fashion, he hits rock bottom in a number of ways (it's not exactly clear what goes down in the trailer), and is forced to work his way back up, training with Forrest Whitaker. And apparently managed by 50 Cent. The film comes from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, so there's more than a little grit in the storytelling. As his character says in the film, Gyllenhaal wants to fight again. He wants to get his kid back. Such is the plight of the cinematic boxer. (A.V. Club)


Everyone Loves A Pain Killer Addicted Adulterer

Enjoy the trailer for season 3 of Showtime's "Nurse Jackie." It's almost time for season 3 of the Showtime series "Nurse Jackie," I guess. It seems that way, in any case, because here's a trailer for it. I've never seen the show, but I gather it's about this nurse named "Mackie" or something like that, and she cheats on her husband so much that her coworkers don't realize she's married. Oh and there's bad language, which is helpfully obscured in this video for some reason (I guess it's not being shown on Showtime). Anyway, enjoy the trailer, if that's your thing. I'm not gonna judge you. Whatever floats your boat, brah.


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'Lone Survivor' Trailer Paints Yet Another Ugly Picture In Afghanistan

The title is sort of a spoiler alert. From director Peter Berg, who last brought us Battleship, and a bunch of stuff far better than Battleship prior, comes the story of a team of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and the shitstorm they step into with Lone Survivor. On a mission to kill a warlord, they have to face the difficult decision to kill some interloping civilians or allow them to live and face getting their cover blown. in the spirit of "no good deed goes unpunished," Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster all take the high road and end up paying for it.


Supercut Of Thomas The Tank Engine Crashes Set To Drowning Pool's 'Bodies'

This is the best use of this song outside of the Jason X trailer. Apparently this supercut of collisions from Thomas & Friends set to Drowning Pool's "Bodies" has been online for over two years. Which means, it's not totally current but new to me so f*ck it, I'm posting anyway because it is pure joy. Secondly, what the hell guys? Did you know this was out there and you didn't think to share? Why did you stand in between me and pure joy? We need some time away from each other. Who knew that this show was so much f*cking mayhem? I'm calling it now, this is the best use of this song outside of the Jason X trailer. (Laughing Squid)