Tuesday, February 1 by

Orlando Bloom Seems Super Drunk

America, nay, Planet Earth, I hope you’re ready to get lost in Orlando Bloom‘s eyes all over again.

Entertainment Tonight” stopped by the set of that Paul W.S. Anderson version The Three Musketeers that I can’t imagine anybody will want to go see (which, of course, means it will be the hugest hit and everyone except me will start wearing those queer floppy hats with the big feathers sticking out) to listen to Orlando Bloom act really, really high.

Not to compliment his acting, but I can’t tell if he’s faking it or not. He’s either doing an imitation of Captain Jack Sparrow or turning into Joaquin Phoenix. Or did he have a stroke? Whichever is the case, it’s pretty sad. The Orlando Bloom Beard Watch begins…… now.

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