Oprah Does The Internet

Oprah and Gayle take to the Internet to recreate classic viral videos. In a bid to boost the popularity of the OWN Network, Oprah and Gayle take to the Internet to recreate classic viral videos. Thankfully, they don't try to reenact "Two Girls, One Cup." DOUBLE RRRAAAAIINNNNBBBOOOWWWWWW!!! (Above Average)

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Watch The Hemsworths Re-Enact A Viral Video For Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The high production values really help sell that Charlie bit his finger. For the past five years or so, Jimmy Kimmel has made a pretty good name for himself capitalizing on the Oscar lead-in to give people a skit or two to talk about the next day. Considering there wasn't much to say about the Academy Awards this year, this task was perhaps easier than in years past. Nonetheless, Jimmy and crew applied themselves a little and gave the viewers high-budget viral videos. Here, we've got "Charlie bit my finger" in the vein of Batman courtesy of Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and a couple of Hemsworths. I suppose he could get very meta and adapt his own fake viral videos. I mean, it's a night of self-congratulation, so why not?


Have A Quick Look At The ‘Super 8' Alien In This New Viral Video

OF COURSE there's a 'Super 8' viral Easter Egg video. [post-album postid="215508" item="1"]Those not fortunate enough to get an early look at Super 8 (and subsequently berate it) are likely curious about the film's secrets and what the alien looks like and if Kyle Chandler is nice or not and does JJ Abrams work out and if so how does he find the time. Well, this video should help with some of those questions. Over the last few months, clips from a 1960's secret military video were released to various websites. Now on the day of the film's early release, those clips have been pieced together and feature the early scientific research into the film's alien. Be advised that the video contains minor plot spoilers as well as a glimpse of the alien. If you want to see the film with fresh eyes, don't watch the video. But please pour over my words and tell me if you see us sealing the deal tonight. I mean, c'mon. Bus rides and extra value meals add up, you know. (Yahoo)


Watch Oprah Milk Tears Out Of Pharrell's Eyes

"Why'm I crying on Oprah?" Oprah sat down with Pharrell to seemingly interview him about his career in music, but her secret motive was to harvest his tears for use in various potions. Oprah shows Pharrell a supercut of people around the world making their own videos to his song "Happy," and the result causes him to mist up. That's when she drops the hammer by mentioning his deceased grandmother. That's some expert tear-jerking, Oprah. Now all you need is a dragon scale and a child's love and you'll rule all the kingdoms. Seeing Pharrell this overcome makes me want to give him a pass for writing one of the more infectious and grating songs in recorded history. I ain't even mad. Though, I do find it disingenuous that man who loves hats so much should sing about a room without a roof.


Comcast Apologizes After Belligerent Customer Service Rep Call Goes Viral

We'll all laugh about this when these companies disappear in five years. A San Francisco man called up Comcast to cancel his service, because, well, there are other options out there now. But when he started speaking with the customer service rep, he found the rep to be aggressive, overbearing, and just really annoying. So basically, this guy was a pretty good representation of Comcast. But Comcast doesn't want anyone thinking that, so they offered up an apology to the man and his wife, who had been dealing with this dude for 10 minutes prior to recording. To give you a sense of that achievement, I was able to listen for about 15 seconds before stopping the video out of a quiet rage. ENJOY!


'The Help' Trailer Looks Like 'Oprah's Book Club: The Movie'

If this movie hits, get ready for the 2015 release, 'The Help 2: The Helpening'. Here's a trailer for a film that should be right in your wheelhouse. Assuming, of course, that your wheelhouse consists of 1960's period pieces that focus on a bond between two women that society had deemed too different. We've got the new trailer for The Help, which addresses all those things and more. If that's not your sort of thing, maybe you'll see this movie just because you like to stare at Emma Stone, who plays the role of Skeeter Phelan, a college grad who begins working at a newspaper, only to find she needs to call on her maid (Viola Davis) for help with an article. Cue "I'm Every Woman." The Help is an adaptation of a best-selling book that was selected for Oprah's book club, which is wildly unsurprising, given the book's subject matter. It's pretty much the opposite of Tron.


Monkey + AK-47 = 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' Viral

I like the part where he shoots the gun. This group of soldiers in the Congo obviously aren't familiar with Dunston Checks In or select episodes of Night Court. If they were, they'd be aware that primates are intelligent, precocious creatures capable of advanced learning and mimicry. And in the case of Dunston Checks In, they're also adept at expertly surfing on hotel room service carts. Anyway, this is an amusing little viral for Twentieth Century Fox's Rise of the Planet of the Apes. My only regret is that they didn't take the opportunity to dress the chimp in people clothes. See what a difference a stylish pair of overalls makes?(via Bloody Disgusting)


OK Go And The Muppets Team Up For Awesome Music Video

Move over Run DMC and Aerosmith. The bromance between OK Go and the Muppets continues. This time in the form of a music video that is a pretty thorough marriage of the Muppets' sense of humor and the band's inventive viral videos. The remix of The Muppet Show Theme was recorded for Jason Segel's Muppet Movie and appears as the first single from the Muppets' Green Album. As expected, it's a pretty impressive effort that features many of the Muppets and their distinctive traits. Think of all the hours spent with hands up the talent. Did Hype Williams direct this?