One Of Those Julian Assange Movies Has A Trailer Now, But Please Don't Ask Me Which One

I guess start waiting for Whitney Houston trailers now. Okay. It's a trailer for the one called Underground: The Julian Assange Story. Man, that's a terrible name. Anyway, this is one of approximately 51,770 Assange movies that are in development right now. This guy has so many biopics going on right now that he makes Steve Jobs look like a filthy hobo. This film rather singularly looks back on Julian Assange's rebellious teenage years as a hacker. Really? The first Assange movie out of the gate and it deals only with the time before he was powerful, important, or interesting? Way to go, Underground: The Julian Assange Story. If I wanted to see obnoxious Swedish teenagers, I'd hang out at the nearby youth hostel more than I already do.