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Olga Kurylenko Throws Off Her Bonds

Quantum of Solace opens today and its expected to smash the weekend box office.  In that case I might just stay home tonight and watch this video of Olga Kurylenko’s Maxim magazine photo shoot over and over again and wait for the lines to die down. Check it out.


Olga Kurylenko Throws  Off Her Bonds (Maxim)


TiVo, Devo, Aliens from long ago? (Bannedinhollywood)


Kick Ass images (Filmonic)


Finally, a gay superhero! (Filmdrunk)


New Day The Earth Stood Still Art (Empire)


New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer (CS)


Simon Pegg wanks in the office (Funnyordie)


Growth of Hulu: Who knew? (Variety)









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