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Links Away: Old People Reenact ‘Taken’

Because everything is funnier with old people. Right? (Break)

Now get off my lawn:

Ghost on Broadway! (MovieLine)

Purple Starfish Swag (BarStoolSports)

Alcoholic Werewolf (HolyTaco)

The Girl With The Dragon (FilmDrunk)

Mariah Smells Her Boobs (CelebJihad)

Meet The True Iron Chef (Unreality)

Super 8 Reviewed (MovieFone)

The Role That Changed NPH (PopEater)

The Greatest Sieges Of All Time (Ranker)

This Chick Loves Cats (BroBible)

Forbidden Sex is the Best (Maxim)

Batman Year One! (Pajiba)

Joel Courtney Is A Superstar (NextMovie)

Leah Dizon: Hot Octagon Girl (CagePotato)

Keith Colburn’s Got Crabs (MadeMan)

inFAMOUS 2 Review (GameFront)

Zoraida Gomez Hotness (TuVez)

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