Tuesday, December 20 by

Oh, Wait. What? ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ Looks… Awesome?

We must be living in a world gone crazy. Just last week the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation kicked my ass, and now here’s a look at Wrath of the Titans that’s got me amped too. What the hell is happening? Is it just me? Did an amoeba from my neti pot eat the part of my frontal cortex that regulates what sucks and what doesn’t?

Okay. The hackneyed use of Marilyn Manson is a sure indicator that this movie will suck, but you’ve gotta admit that the monsters and traps that Perseus fights his way through look a lot more creative. The Titans themselves, and the Cyclops and Griffin (or whatever it is) scenes look particularly intense, but I’m not too sure about the giant lava monster at the end. Do they make lava krakens now?

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