Oh, Gross! Mickey Rourke Gets With Megan Fox In ‘Passion Play’ Trailer

Being an actress seems difficult. The good news is that Megan Fox is wearing barely anything, save for a pair of angel wings. The bad news is Mickey Rourke is wearing even less and crawling around on top of her. Passion Play stars Rourke as a trumpeter who meets Megan Fox's dancer character who may be an actual angel. Or a girl who had a really bad dad. At any rate, Rourke wants to free Fox from Bill Murray's gangster pimp character, and there-in lies the conflict. The film has had a few setbacks since TIFF last year, when everyone noticed it sucks pretty bad. It will open in limited release in New York and Los Angeles before going to DVD at the end of May. Not to lump on, but I'm not surprised this movie got made. What surprises me the most is that Bill Murray answered his hotline for this.