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Official ‘Rio’ – Angry Birds Music Video: “The Brand Synergy Salsa”

The upcoming Fox CG movie Rio and the omnipresent iPhone game Angry Birds are a lot alike. They are both about birds. Some of the birds in Rio also appear to be angry. There’s no way these two properties could resist bird-sexing each other.

Above is a clip from 3D Rio, re-edited to contain the 2D birds that regularly give you new levels to distract you from your stupid job. The hammy, hyperactive acting of the bird villain Nigel makes me appreciate the unibrowed flatties. At least they don’t get all in your face about being pissed off birds – plus they’re good sports when you fling them across the room.

Rio flaps into theaters April 8th, but you can play the Angry Birds Rio game right now, until your thumbs bleed. (Trailer Addict)

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