NPH Is Gay For That ***** In This 'A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas' Clip

NPH wouldn't do that... A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is coming to Blu-ray on February 7th. In honor of the momentous occasion, we're rolling out this clip featuring everyone's favorite drug-abusing pseudo-gay sex-addict, Neil Patrick Harris. In this scene, NPH uses his homosexual cover story to lure a backup dancer into his dressing room. And since he's so non-threatening, what's the harm in some nude massage? After all, they're just a couple of girlfriends, right? At any rate, if you're anxious to see how this ends (hint: it ends poorly), go and pre-order the Blu-ray. Tell them Jame Gumb sent you, and receive absolutely no discount.

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W...T...F?: The 'Harold And Kumar Christmas' Trailer

There's a lot of stuff going on here. You best just take it all in and not ask any questions The trailer for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is here, and words fail me. Claymation, NPH, beer pong, spiked drinks, Santa assassinations, a Radio City Music hall spectacular, and, of course, penises getting stuck to frozen poles in the vein of A Christmas Story. There's really not much to discuss here, as the trailer consists of a full-fledged visual assault (which will undoubtedly be exacerbated by the fact that it's in 3D). If you're on the fence, I guess the only thing that I can share with you to help you make up your mind is when Neil Patrick Harris tells a girl who thought he was gay,"I am gay. Gay for that pussy." I know what my pickup line is for the rest of the fiscal year.


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A Very Ferrell and Reilly Christmas

David Bowie (Will Ferrell) visits Bing Crosby (John C. Reilly) during the holidays to sing a very special Christmas duet with an underlying hatred of each other. David Bowie (Will Ferrell) visits Bing Crosby (John C. Reilly) during the holidays to sing a very special Christmas duet with an underlying hatred of each other. A Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy mash-up has never been more uncomfortable. As in the original video of Bowie and Bing, Mr. Crosby doesn't understand the Englishman, nor does he want to, though in the spoof those biases come to a head. Stick around until the end. Check out the original video below:


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Why am I just finding out now that this movie is awesome? At first I groaned when I saw news that Silent Night, Deadly Night was getting the remake treatment but, in all fairness, that was before I knew that it is awesome. Seriously, the trailer for Silent Night has everything a movie about a killer Santa Claus SHOULD have. Ax murders, wood chippers, a frickin' flame thrower, and a spoiled brat being tasered to the face. The Academy Award-eligible Silent Night is in theaters on November 30th.