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Noah Wyle Must Owe Hookers Money Links

I try really, really hard not to post one trailer right after another. But I just came across this one. It might get the prize for worst ever. I implore you to watch it with a critical eye and try to figure out exactly what it is that this movie is about.  Here’s some other stuff to peep.   
David Tennant leaving Doctor Who? (MSNBC)
Hollywood Hotness Horor Murders (BooshMag)
The Day The Earth Sat Still (Filmonic)
McCain’s October Surprise (WeeklyWorldNews)
Getting MadMen hair (NYTimes)
Russell Brands comments on leaving BBC Radio 2 (Myspace)
When Alec Baldwin met Sarah Palin (YouTube)
David Attenborough hates nature (NSFW) (eBaumsWorld)
Kevin Smith on cursing, children, and making Porno (CNN)
In celebration of Quantum of Solace, here’s 22 James Bond title sequences (Redux)
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