Nick Swanson To Strip For Charity

You're gay if you DON'T want to see this. That's just what I feel. In case Katy Perry, Al Pacino, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, Bill O’Reilly, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Sudeikis (who's banging Olivia Wilde, which puts him in a whole other realm of respect), Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel, and Julianne Moore weren't reason enough to turn in to Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, there's one more name that puts the sum of all those others to shame. Yup. Ron Fuckin' Swanson. Nick Offerman. He'll be raising money for autism (against autism, actually) and for every $1,000 he receives, he'll get a little more naked. What's not to like? Charity, Nick Offerman, burly, mustachioed nudity. This program is shaping up to have it all.

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Nick Offerman Shares Profound 'Shower Thoughts' With Us

"Once you have a PhD, every meeting you go to becomes a doctor's appointment." In one of the thousands of corners of Reddit, there's a subreddit (a "category," if you will) of "shower thoughts." Shower thoughts are those trivial epiphanies that you come to, then say, "Huh," as you just as quickly forget them. But not one will forget them when they come from the mouth of Nick Offerman. Mashable put together Simply Genius Shower Thoughts with Nick Offerman, and it lives up to the title. It's genius, and it's got Ron Swanson himself in a picturesque setting, spouting dime-store wisdom. Watch it, and in doing so reclaim your manhood and grow a mustache.


Get Your Nick Offerman Fix With The 'Me And Earl And The Dying Girl'

I feel like they should have put commas in that title. Coming back from Sundance with both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award, there's been a lot of hype around Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. First, we had the cast of Thomas Mann, Olivia Cook, RJ Cyler, Nick Offerman, Connie Britton, Jon Bernthal, and Molly Shannon. That's a good lineup. Then we had the subject matter, teens befriending each other in the face of their own mortality. That'll get some attention. And now, we've got a trailer. Here's that trailer: Come for the subject matter, stay for the fancy camera tricks. (Collider)


Nick Offerman Performs A 'Stachedance' For Movember

That headline contains two gibberish words. As we've mentioned earlier, Made Man got quite the score by getting Nick Offerman on their Movember (November-Mustache-Growing-For-Charity-Event) team, which is a bit like taking Jesus with the first pick of the Bible draft. It's a big get. Not just because he has a mustache (He does, though), but because he can cut a rug like a hairy usher. So if you haven't started, it's not too late to get on board here, and if you're already on board, grow that mustache extra hard. You're in the back nine now.


Nick Offerman Returns To Give Us A Song About Whiskey

This is just about the most obvious pairing since Offerman and facial hair. As the steady stream of viral Nick Offerman videos continues to roll in, we're given a certain comfort that we won't lose this guy when Parks and Rec goes off the air in March. In this video from clickbait site Elite Daily, Nick Offerman gives an ode to the most noble of beverages, whiskey. It's got a very European sweater-y tilt to it, and it just might warm you up if it's cold outside. If it doesn't, then watch some Parks and Recreation and drink some whiskey. That should do it. (THR)


A Bald Nick Offerman Looks Like The Best Part Of Diablo Cody's 'Paradise'

While she might not use her medium as a soapbox the way Aaron Sorkin does, Diablo Cody certainly rivals Mr. Newsroom when it comes to writing dialogue and scenes that would never, ever, ever be replicated in the real world. Here in Paradise, we've got a conveniently stereotypical Christian girl (played by Julianne Hough) who loses her faith and goes to Vegas to really live life (ugh x3), where she keeps company with Russell Crowe and a demure white woman sassy black lady. But it does have Nick Offerman, playing a dad, with a bald cap. I hope he's hilarious, because if Diablo Cody (who wrote this, her directorial debut) squanders the talents of Mr. Offerman, I'll flat-out murder her.


Nick Offerman Did A Fake Infomercial For Handcrafted Emojis On Conan

...and it's hilarious. While Jimmies Fallon and Kimmel may make the more obvious plays for viral video clips, Conan, at least recently, has been making the funniest ones. Take, for instance, THIS VIDEO in which Nick Offerman jumps on the emoji bandwagon by offering a program in which you carve your own in real time. It's ridiculous, dumb, and, because it's Nick Offerman, terrific. There isn't much else to say about a gag/skit that's this silly. So just watch it, and enjoy Nick Offerman holding a big wooden turd that he probably built himself.


John Oliver, Nick Offerman, And Jon Benjamin Make Fun Of Home Depot And Lowe's

There's so much to make fun of! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has so far made its biggest inroads with his weekly rants have gone viral. Every week's a different topic, and in light of the approaching holiday season, he got together some comedy heavyweights to skewer Lowe's, Home Depot, OSH, and those other gargantuan home improvement stores. The whole thing kicks off with a discussion of OSH's use of robots to assist customers, and the conceit gets funnier from there. Watch Nick Offerman and Jon Benjamin show those corporate bigwigs what's what.