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New Years TV Preview


Out with aught eight and in with the big ’09. What hell happened this past year? Instead of reflecting on the global $#!t show, remember the good times, like when that guy threw his boots at George W., or when Michael Phelps won 14,000 gold medals for America. Look toward the future with a bottle of champagne, a bunch of random friends, and of course with your best friend of all, TV. Here’s what’s on tonight.

Best Year Ever on VH1 11/10c

Al Reynolds on Best Year Ever! – Watch more Free Videos

4 Hours of South Park on Comedy Central 9/8c

New Years With CNN on CNN 11/10c

Guests:Lil Wayne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, My Morning Jacket, and Coolio

Tha Lil Wayne Show 3 – Watch more Free Videos

Merry New Year–



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