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New Wolf Man Clip Looked Promising

UPDATE: The clip got pulled (shockingly) so enjoy a different wolf-related clip instead!

The corpse of Comic Con is already rotting in the ground, but shady clips are still rolling out every day. This one is the first look at Benicio Del Toro in Wolfman and it actually looks pretty good. Even the preview clip has some gore, which is a nice change from Wolf Men of the past. It seems like every time you see a werewolf at the movies he’s either in black and white, playing basketball or doing a dance he just made up at the prom. I want to see the him do what he does best: Disembowell people. The clips actually gives off a kind of Sleepy Hollow vibe for me, but that might just be because of the old-timey clothes and overly-dramatic narration. Oh, and once you’ve watched it, try really hard not to make a joke about Benicio not neading make-up to play his role, unless you work at a video store, in which case it’ll probably kill.

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