New Trailer Shows 'Silent Hill' Still A Crappy Place To Live

And the tax incentives suck. It's really the flesh-wrapped neighbors that bring down the property value.

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Elizabeth Olsen Has A Crappy Vacation In 'Silent House' Trailer

Rest and relaxation my foot. After a few breakout hits at Sundance, everyone wants Elizabeth Olsen these days. So much so that she's being stalked all over the place. In this trailer for Silent House, her dad is completely Facebook stalking her and then to make matters worse there's someone or something inside her summer house trying to attack her. This horror film is drawing rave reviews which means it must have a gimmick. Shot on the cheap as one continuous take, Silent House is a horror tale told in real time. Which means the viewer is essentially front row center as the main character spends the film trying to escape while more and more terrifying mysteries are brought into light. The film was sold to Lionsgate for $2 million after building good buzz at Sundance. That may not seem like a lot of profit in movie terms but keep in mind, they didn't need to hire an editor.


'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Trailer: Leatherface Has A Hot Cousin

But don't tell him that. Ignore all of those other massacres you've seen take place in Texas via chainsaw after the original. THIS is the only Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel you need to worry about from a story perspective. The plot is simple: a large-boobed girl discovers she has a long-lost grandmother who has left her a mystery inheritance. So, she and her scantily-clad friends head to Texas to pick it up. But rather then riches or cool artwork, the inheritance is Leatherface. You can probably guess where the plot goes from there. Note: it goes in a radically different direction than Rain Man does.


Disneyland’s ‘Star Tours 3D’ Opens Today: Time To Ditch Work

The ride has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. Admiral Ackbar's status in the Star Wars universe has risen from cult character to corporate spokesman. Witness the above promo for the newly revamped Star Tours 3D ride at Disneyland, opening today. The fishy-looking admiral is the star of the spot, with Darth Vader as kind of his sidekick. Darth Vader: Admiral Ackbar's Sidekick. I'm trying to comprehend the crazy awesome ridiculousness of that, but I don't think I have enough midichlorians. The new prequel to the original Star Tours has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. In the second video, you see some of the possible outcomes, like ending up face-to-ship with Vader. That opportunity is worth a little motion sickness, methinks. Of course, if I waited for 2 hours to ride it and ended up in Naboo, I'd be pretty pissed. This ride takes place between Episode III and IV, with C3p0 taking over piloting duties for the Paul Reubens voiced REX, but don't fear Disney nerds. You can visit with the bumbling bot in "Droid Customs" before the ride, getting used to his programming for the first time, I assume. (io9)


Get Judgmental With This 'Dredd 3D' Clip

They misspelled "dread," but the more I think about it, the more I think that may have been intentional. September 21st won't be just the autumnal equinox (which is totally awesome on its own merits), but also the release date for a film featuring an old friend of ours, Legendary Comics' Judge Dredd. Dredd 3D premieres that same day, offering up a darker take on the judge, jury, and executioner. Lest you think this is a tacked-on sequel rushed to meet 3D demand, the script is written by Alex Garland, who made a name for himself with 28 Days Later. In case you couldn't tell from the clip, the producers decided to take Judge Dredd in a younger, less mumbly direction with Karl Urban. His nemesis will be played by a prostitute-turned-drug kingpin. And while it would be funnier if that character was a former gigolo, it's a girl, played by Juno's Olivia Thirlby. So open your eyes, get your tickets, and realize that Judge Dredd isn't living in 1994 anymore.


Enjoy The 'Great Gatsby' Trailer Sans 3D

Spoiler alert. Jay Gatsby was working as a double agent for Abu Nazir. When adapting one of the few great American novels, it's important to use bleeding-edge technology so the metaphors don't just figuratively fly at you, but literally as well. *ZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOM* "THE HOLLOWNESS OF THE AMERICAN DREAM" *VROOOOOOOOOM* "DUALITY OF MAN!!!!" And so on. I apologize to Mr. Gunnin for only knowing two apt literary themes for Gatsby. Too busy living my life in high school, I guess. So here's Tobey, Leo, and Mrs. Marcus Mumford doing that thing where they're really important, acting in a period piece and whatnot.


Jonah Hill's '21 Jump Street' Trailer Is Dope

Are we ready for the comedic advent of Channing Tatum? The first trailer for Jonah Hill's re-imagining of 21 Jump Street is here. All I have to say is, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, whoa. WHOA!! This looks pretty funny. Like, I would leave my house to go see this funny. Granted, I shouldn't expect anything less from Clone High and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs creators Chris Miller and Phil Lord, but Channing Tatum really holds his own here. Silly haircuts? Check. Drug humor? Check. John Woo-style gun ballet? Check. Give the trailer a watch. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. The only part that made me sad was when Ice Cube acknowledged Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and the Twittersphere. Hopefully at some point in the movie he'll wield an AK.


There's Something Deep And Dark In 'The Yellow King Of The Hill' Mashup

That boy ain't right. While watching True Detective from the edge of my couch, I'd never noticed the similarities to King of the Hill but they're all there as this mashup suggests. Let's go even deeper and theorize who we think would be revealed as the Yellow King of the Hill. My money's on Jimmy Wichard. Then again, just about every character rides a mower on this show. [caption id="attachment_260284" align="aligncenter" width="624" caption=""Jimmy make flowers on you!""][/caption]


George Lucas And His Beard Discuss ‘Star Wars’ In 3D And The Delayed Live-Action TV Show

Whoever bet that he wouldn't have a beard and a plaid shirt in this interview owes me five bucks. George Lucas seems to move more slowly than other directors. Perhaps that's because his projects are more widely anticipated than everyone else's. Or maybe it's because he actually moves more slowly than anyone else. In this interview with G4's"Attack of the Show," Lucas discusses what the hold up is for "Star Wars: The Adventures Continue," and why he wasn't ready to convert the six Star Wars films to 3D...until now. As for the TV show, Lucas has 50 hours of the arc crafted, but is just waiting for production costs to become way, way, way cheaper. Like a tenth of what they are for films. So that could be a minute. Essentially, he says he plans on doing it, but stop holding your breath, because it won't happen soon. As for the 3D discussion, he says he's ready to convert for a February 10 release date for Episode I. Without getting too specific, he says he was waiting for the technology to be there, and now it's there. So it's on its way and looking good, by all accounts. If you thought Jar-Jar was up in your face before (metaphorically), wait until you see him in 3D when he's really up in your face! LITERALLY! I'm gonna go lay down. I feel sick.