New Trailer Explains Why Madea Exists

I've always been puzzled as to how Madea is a thing. This new trailer for 'Madea's Big Happy Family' answers that question. Note: the answer doesn't give the closure you want. Herllo!! This new trailer for Madea's Big Happy Family finally reveals why this hammer-wielding cross-dresser exists in the first place. It's because of people who enjoy stupidity. Do with that information what you will. This trailer looks like the film is an adaptation of daytime television. All of it. That six hour block of television that gives you a headache and the desire to die on weekday afternoons has been boiled down and shot with a more expensive camera. Not sure how Madea fits into all of this or what her antics will be this time, but I have a strong feeling it will require she takes off her earrings.

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Because We Hate You, Here's Tyler Perry In The 'I, Alex Cross' Trailer

Fun fact: By the time Tyler Perry's barber finishes cutting his hair, he has to start all over again, because two weeks have passed and the hair has grown out again. Well, this just looks like a really average episode of CSI, with lines like "He's ex-military, judging by his tactics." Further, every time I see the hulking Tyler Perry onscreen during this trailer, I momentarily fall into thinking that I'm watching a Chunky Soup commercial and not the preview for I, Alex Cross. And every time I realize that I am not watching a soup commercial, a part of me dies. In case Tyler Perry as a giant detective isn't enough for you (YOU SICK BASTARD!), this clip also features Matthew Fox as a serial killer who also enjoys mixed martial arts. I'm writing this piece as I watch the video piecemeal, because I can't seem to handle the thing in one big chunk, and I've got a new favorite line. Disregard "He's ex-military, judging by his tactics," and introduce yourself to my new favorite, "I will meet his soul at the gates of hell before I let him take another person that I love from me," immediately followed by the graphic "From Rob Cohen, Director of The Fast and the Furious."


Happy Super Bowl. Here's a 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer

Yup, he says, "I'll be back." Since Super Bowl ads are now considered entertainment, much to marketers' delight, companies are leaking them earlier and earlier. This Terminator: Genisys trailer, to run on Sunday's game, is no exception. It's a Super Bowl ad that runs before the Super Bowl. Which I guess just makes it an ad. Whatever. It's Terminator, and I think we're all interested to see if we can ignore the past two and get back to the greatness of 1 and 2. From the looks of this...Can we? (Deadline)


Sick Of Pharrell's 'Happy'? Here's The Hilarious, Weird, Music-Free Video

The hat makes an appearance. "Happy" is a pretty damn good song that Pharrell made for himself. While I haven't gotten close to tired of it yet, I could see how people who spend more time at the mercy of drive-time radio could. Either way, there's something to appease all factions in this video which takes the music away from the music video, and just leaves people all smiles and dancing for no particular reason. It's pretty great.


'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Trailer: Little Coat, Big Heart

Gone but not forgotten. A documentary about the tornado that was Chris Farley is headed to theaters at the end of July. The world knows him as the hyperactive comedian who cannonballed his way into fame in the 1990's via SNL and a string of films. But what happens to such an energetic performer when they need to turn it off? I Am Chris Farley gathers interviews with his friends and family to discuss the Chris Farley we didn't see and to celebrate his one of a kind presence.


The Trailer For 'Big Hero Six' Proves That Heroes Don't Need To Be Human

If you like inflatable robots, this is THE film for you. It's hard to describe the vibe of Big Hero Six with the written word. But about ten seconds in to the trailer, you'll get it. While Marvel went live-action with The Avengers, Disney and Marvel teamed up to give us an animated Big Hero Six that has a look very similar to Ratatouille, which should be just fine with Pixar fans. The Big Hero Six originally were a decidedly Japanese-inspired group of superheroes, but in this trailer, they take on a cartoonish American quality. Maybe it's because they're characters in an American cartoon. We'll never know for sure. If you prefer your comic book characters with a side of goofiness and fun, check out this trailer.


'Bob's Burgers' Season 5 Premiere Trailer Reminds Everyone That 'Bob's Burgers' Still Exists

Don't forget about 'Bob's Burgers', animation fans! Amid the hubbub of The Simpsons return to glory and its crossover episode with Family Guy, Fox and Bob's Burgers would like to remind you that, hey, Bob's Burgers is coming back, too. And to drive the point home, they've unleashed a trailer (via Vulture) that STRONGLY suggests a 1980's-themed musical from our main man, Gene. Bob's, in classic cartoon fashion, has embraced musical pieces as a cornerstone of its premise. And it works out well, even when Linda is singing in shrill, tone-deaf, keyless shrieks. Actually, it works best that way. The series premieres at 7:30 this Sunday night. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.


'Happy Feet 2' Trailer Sticks To The Formula Of 'Dancing Penguins'

Man, these penguins love to dance!!! Apparently the first Happy Feet left a lot of unanswered questions about dancing penguins, so the auteurs behind it are coming back to us with Happy Feet 2. Hollywood's A-list seemed to also agree that the story was from over with the first one, so Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Elijah Wood, Brad Pitt, and Hank Azaria are all lending their voices to this victory lap. I'm not sure how to tell all the penguins apart, though. Maybe they should wear little hats or something? Because it's a film about dancing penguins, those black-and-white birds are going to need a soundtrack full of "hot jams" both old and new, and fortunately, they get what they need in the form of penguinified versions of "Mama Said Knock You Out" and "SexyBack," so let the receptionist at your office know that this will be a delightful film to take her niece to.


'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' International Trailer Brings Out The Big Guns

Not sure if awesome or stupid. Leaning toward awesome. The latest international trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones opens the world up a lot more by showing what happens when Paranormal Activity characters actually leave their haunted homes. Turns out, you can be paranormal activitied just about anywhere. Recent installments in the franchise have gotten a lot of flack for offering little more than slight updates on the established formula. It looks like this Latino-focused spin-off is just entry needed to spice things up, says unintentionally racist blogger.