New ‘Super 8' TV Spot Will Take You Back

Will this be the one that finally gives the whole movie away? J.J. Abrams's Super 8 is a throwback to another era. More specifically, it's a throwback to the 70s and 80s - even more specifically, a throwback to the scifi movies of Steven Spielberg that came out in those decades. Movies like ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (OK, pretty much just those two) that combined slick excitement with a true sense of wonder and awe. So it is with this TV spot, which reminds me of those halcyon days when commercials didn't feature iPhone apps, computer-manipulated talking babies, or dumb-looking guys in glasses. Watch it, and remember what it was like to watch commercials for movies in a simpler time.

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Batman v Superman Trailer - Awesome or Awful? MOVIE FIGHTS!!

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New ‘Super 8' Trailer: Still No Creature

Maybe the monster is actually invisible. Think about that. [post-album postid="214221" item="1"]Last night, Super 8 stars Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning appeared at the "MTV Movie Awards" alongside total oldsters JJ Abrams and Stephen Spielberg to present a new trailer. Once again, we don't see the monster or creature or alien or whatever it is that is tearing this small town to shreds. But we do get to see a small town get torn to shreds. So there's that!! This film just keeps looking better and better and I'm really looking forward to seeing it this weekend. It is such a tease though to not show the creature thingamabob. Is it done intentionally to build buzz? Or is there another reason. Perhaps it has boobs for a face. I guess we'll find out on Friday.


Watch TV Spots On The Internet: 'Harry Potter' And 'X-Men'

New TV Spots for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2' and 'X-Men: First Class': Muggles vs. Mutants. You know the commercials you regularly TiVO past? Now you can watch them here, on the internet. The wonders of the modern age. First up, a new 30 second ad for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. My opinion is: this conclusion will be epic. I don't know why I think that. Maybe it's the epic music, the epic explosion sequences, or maybe it's the fact that they literally call it "The Epic Conclusion." Who knows? I do know the last Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and quidditches into theaters July 15, 2012. Second, it's a new TV spot for X-Men: First Class. For some reason, the Fox marketing department hasn't shown us any trailers, clips, character trailers, stills or set photos for this movie. Oh wait, the opposite of what I just said, times a billion. Here's a new compilation of clips to excite your latent mutant genes. Starring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, X-Men: First Class evolves in theaters June 3, 2012.


Here's A Super Weird Old Spice Commercial

If you like smelling good and watching weirdo shit, have we got a product for you. Old Spice made a name for themselves in the viral marketing world by putting that buff guy whose name nobody remembers on a horse. They're at it again and ratcheting up the weirdness. This time they deliver this sad song of lament from mothers covertly popping out of the ether like the ghosts in The Grudge to watch as their sons grow into men who put their weenies in young ladies. And it's really good! I've got to admire the gumption over at Old Spice. I love their approach: "Hey, here's something strange and a little scary and haunting. Now rub our product on your armpits."


See New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Super Bowl Ad Without Having To Watch Super Bowl

I just saved you, like, 7 hours. One of the main issues I have with the Super Bowl is the lack of cowboys, aliens, laser guns, and Harrison Ford. So I had mixed emotions about the prospect of a new Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot - on the one hand, yeah, it probably has all those things. On the other hand, I'd have to sit through untold hours of lame beer ads, awful musical performances from senior citizens, and a few minutes of football in order to see it. Imagine my relief when I saw the ad appearing on the internet! And in the spirit of friendship, I now present the ad to you as well. Think about it - I just saved you, like, 7 hours. What are you going to do with it? I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl! (via SlashFilm)


Super Bowl Movie Ad Bonanza: Robots And Superheroes

Super Bowl ads, BYOG (Bring Your Own Guacamole) If you're watching tonight's Super Bowl, you may have noticed a few "commercial breaks," which are interruptions in the football game designed to sell products, which in turn pays for the game's being broadcast on television. This system of "TV advertising" has long gone both unnoticed and unremarked upon by Super Bowl viewers. During these breaks, there were several commercials advertising some big movies, including one for Cowboys & Aliens. Anyway, here are some Super Bowl ads for Thor, Captain America, and Transformers 3. Be sure to buy lots of concessions when you go see these movies in the theater as a result of seeing them here - the studios spent a lot of money on these: Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer (720p) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.