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New Studio Clips Of Outlander

It’s really hard to come up with new ideas. But it’s not hard to take two old ideas, put them in your creative supercollider, and SMASH them together just shy of the speed of light. They have this machine a mile beneath the earth in Burbank. That’s exactly how they came up with Outlander. They put Beowulf (not the shitty animated one, but the book) and Predator in this machine and BAM: AWESOME MOVIE!  And it has the dude from The Thin Red Line. I think his name is Jesus.

It’s also worth noting that James Caviezel spends a little time in the old Wide Armed Savior Position. I wonder if the writers were like “Do you remember that scene in Passion of the Christ where they nailed him to a cross…we should try something like that. PEOPLE WANT JIM CAVIEZEL WITH HIS ARMS SOMEHOW FASTENED ABOVE HIS HEAD EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER A BUNCH OF DUDES BEAT THE EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF HIM.  WE DID THE RESEARCH. DORIS, WHERES MY LATTE?”

I’m halfway done with a script where Caviezel visits a day spa, does some yoga, has a protein shake, reads Harpers and goes to bed early.  Let me know if you want to buy it. In the meantime, here are some dope production stills of Outlander that I found on Google image search.


Via the laugh collider that is Filmdrunk.

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