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New ‘Something Borrowed’ Trailer Arrives Off Of The Assembly Line

Do you like Ginnifer Goodwin? How about Kate Hudson? A nondescript but still handsome white man? John Kransinki’s sensitive side? Weddings? Engagements? Bottled up feelings? Sexual tension between platonic friends? A brunette in competition with a blonde? Accidental cheating? Confusion? Hilarious beach injuries?

If so, you could watch most romantic comedies from the last five years. OR you could watch this new trailer for Something Borrowed, which sheds a little more light on certain plot points, including John Krasinski‘s character. The film is directed by Luke Greenfield, and it opens May 6th of this year, opposite Thor. (SlashFilm)


  1. March 3, 2011 11:44 am

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    This movie was hilarious, but the ending was horrible. I was hoping for John Krasinski to end up with Ginnifer Goodwin.

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