New ‘Smurfs’ Trailer Is A Smurfing Pile Of Smurf

If you're wondering what 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' would be like if the chipmunks were blue and were chased around by an ugly wizard and his cat, then stop using your imagination and watch this horrible trailer. If you're wondering what Alvin and the Chipmunks would be like if the chipmunks were blue and were chased around by an ugly wizard and his cat, then stop using your imagination and watch the horrible trailer above. It's for Sony's The Smurfs, it will be showing in Mand-O-Tory 3D, and it looks smurfing awful. There are jokes about Smurf butts, jokes about Smurfs burping, jokes about Smurfs farting - and those were the highlights of the trailer. The highlights. I feel bad for Neil Patrick Harris, who looks like he's playing the role of Non-Threatening Anxious Caretaker Of Kooky Talking Creatures. We saw the exact same character in Alvin and the Chipmunks and Yogi Bear. Wait, if they're all the same character, does that mean their universes tie together? Will there be a CG movie starring The Smurfs Yogi Bear and Alvin and the Chipmunks? Okay, now I've just Smurfed myself. In terror. Smurfing into a smurf smurf shitty smurf theater shit-smurf August 3rd. (Deadline)

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'Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip' Will Uptown Munk You Up

I want you to punch me in the face as hard as you can. Prepare your eyes and ears from the trailer for Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Because parents of small children can't stop spending their money on these things, the fourth film in the franchise finds the vermin on a cross-country road trip where "anything can happen and usually does." Especially grating renditions of popular songs and Jason Lee getting paid $250,000 every time he screams. Seriously, parents. Save it for college.


The Jokes Don't Stick In 'Flypaper' Trailer

Here we find Ashley Judd outside of her natural habitat of hanging out with Morgan Freeman. [post-album postid="215867" item="1"]It's good to know that 2008's Made Of Honor didn't rob the world of the comedic stylings of Patrick Dempsey. Here he heads the wacky ensemble in Flypaper as a man caught in the middle of two simultaneous bank robberies. He must manage the situation or else risk the life of Ashley Judd's bank teller, with whom he is secretly in love. Seems like a fun alternative to the usual romantic comedy where a hot girl can't find love because she's too career-driven or wears glasses. Although it does seem almost too cartoonish with every cliche of robber represented. We've got yokels, psychotics, neurotic idea men, adrenaline junkies, and Mekhi Phifer. He should have plenty of 8 Mile residuals. There's simply no need for him to take our retirement funds.


'Hop' Poops Out New Trailer Along With Jelly Beans

I don't necessarily think Universal's 'Hop' looks 'Smurfs' bad, but the Russell Brand CG toon seems like stale old mini-Snickers. Anyone else see this formula as a standard template for many CG animated movies? Everybody knows that Easter Bunnies are supposed to deliver candy, but what if one Easter Bunny... played in a rock band? Everybody knows that pandas are supposed to be fat and slow, but what if one panda... became a kung-fu master? Everybody knows that super-villains are supposed to be evil, but what if one super-villian... became a loving father of three adopted children? Everybody knows that bees are supposed to make honey, but what if one bee... sued the entire human race in a court of law? That last one is actually what happens in Bee Movie. Yup, I saw Bee Movie, and that totally happens. Anyway, I don't necessarily think Universal's Hop looks Smurfs bad, but it also seems like stale old mini-Snickers at this point. The Russell Brand voiced cartoon/live action mix will be in theaters April 1st to cash in on families who can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Easter. (Deadline)


New 'Arthur' Trailer Is Rich With Failed Jokes

Here we see him riding the Batmobile, getting punched by his mom, and using magnets to stop a hot girl from having sex with him. Fneh? Russell Brand is back with a second Arthur trailer. Here we see him riding the Batmobile, getting punched by his mom, and using magnets to stop a hot girl from having sex with him. You know, on paper those things may sound funny, but Brand's cheeky style elicits more "ah yes" smiles from me than actual laughs. Also, "Under Pressure" seems like a bad song choice for Arthur. How much "pressure" is Arthur really under? He's very rich, he has a lot of hot ladies who are interested in him for different reasons, and only as a grown man does he have to attempt holding down a shitty job. Maybe the right song would be "Paradise City?" Meanwhile, watching this trailer has stolen my sunshine. Arthur falls down a flight of stairs in a gummy bear costume and into theaters April 8th.


The 'Yogi Bear' Trailer Will Make You Sad

Watching the Yogi Bear trailer made me sad. I'm not sure if it's because I'm too old to appreciate the film, or because a beloved memory from my childhood is getting its proverbial "bikini area" fondled by CGI, but something was amiss. Funnyman Dan Aykroyd's name in the credits only added to the malaise. But the final straw was the "in 3D" message toward the end. Well, that or the crappy rap song in the background. But hey, I don't want to oversell this thing. Check out the cool new trailer for yourself! (Collider) Get sad with the Yogi Bear trailer after the jump...


International 'Prometheus' Trailer Highlights The Dangers Of Being A Spaceman

I'm starting to feel really bad for the crew of the Prometheus. Not only do they have to travel far from home and those they love, but they also need to deal with face-melting, dust storms, probably aliens, cryo-sleep morning wood, and ancient ruins collapsing on them. And that just seems to be the tip of the iceberg. If anything, this international trailer for Ridley Scott's maybe Alien prequel gives us a hint of the scope of this film. The large set pieces that build both the crew's world and the alien civilization look massive and if we could figure out what the hell is going on here I'd bet we're in for another tremendous science fiction film from Scott. Still feel bad that this bunch is being tortured, though. Then again, they're all rather pretty and probably got unfair advantages at astronaut school. Maybe had they studied more, they wouldn't have melted faces now. (via Twitch)