New 'Side Effects' Trailer Includes Horniness And Murder

Why do the best drugs always turn us into horny murderers? When Channing Tatum discovers his wife Rooney Mara's brain is broken, he sends her to Dr. Jude Law who prescribes her an experimental drug. At first, Channing Tatum is all happy because the pill makes her happy and good at sex stuff, but then people start getting murdered. And then she maybe does or does not start having sex with Dr. Jude Law. And then Catherine Zeta-Jones is all like, "I'm wearing glasses!" More or less.

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Steven Soderbergh Reminds Us He's Pretty Talented With Penultimate Film 'Side Effects'

If only we had let him do 'Moneyball'. After losing directing duties on Moneyball, Steven Soderbergh said "f*ck it," and decided to throw in the directing towel. After a few more films. Magic Mike was a hit as it made women everywhere go crazy and rub their titties together, which leaves Soderbergh with two films to go. The first of which is the Rooney Mara-starring Side Effects. In the film, Mara stars as a young woman whose life is perfect after Channing Tatum's return from prison. Everything is all dissolves and sailboats. Then, the dissolves get ominous and she turns to medication and Jude Law besmirching to help cope with the pressure of living with Magic Mike himself. After that, everyone is yelling at everyone else! Yelling is how you know a drama is taut. This Soderbergh is going to really make us sorry that he didn't get to make the version of Moneyball where Demetri Martin yells at Catherine Zeta-Jones.


'Love & Other Drugs' Trailer Makes Boner Pills Romantic

Deeeeeeeerp! Jack Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star in Love & Other Drugs, a romantic comedy that isn't afraid to rom-com it up in every aspect possible. Gyllenhaal plays a charming Viagra salesman who tricks a free-spirited Hathaway into taking her shirt off. After she beats him with a suitcase, they go get a cup of coffee, and the rest is history. The cheeseball lines, the music, the sappy on-screen text, the emotionally distant male protagonist whose resolve is broken by the emotionally distant female protagonist -- it's got it all. Why couldn't their casual arrangement of sex with no strings attached just have remained casual?! Because love got in the way, Silly. Ed Zwick, who has been taking on period pieces such as The Last Samurai and Defiance as of late, directed the film, which I suppose could still be considered a period piece, meaning you have to be able to have one in order to think it looks good. Love & Other Drugs hits theaters November 24th. Check out the trailer after the jump... Love and Other Drugs Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Trailer Adds Bad Channing Tatum Dialogue

Thanks goodness they added that! After pushing the film's release in order to add more Channing Tatum, the marketing team behind G.I. Joe: Retaliation is back with proof of more Channing Tatum. Unfortunately, they used footage that has him assing out while trying to act street. Fortunately, the Rock is there to confiscate his Hood Pass. Other than the comedy stylings of Mark Wahlberg Lite, this trailer gives us a great look at the state of the art weapon Cobra is using to destroy entire countries with. Then by the end we're given a great look at the state of the art weapon being destroyed. So, yeah, I guess the good guys win. Stay tuned to future trailers to find out about any other major deaths or plot points.


Netflix Unveils The Trailer For Escobar-Based Drug Series 'Narcos'

But who's going to play Ronald Reagan, serving up empty platitudes about the war on drugs. It seems over the past decade that many efforts to tell the tale of Pablo Escobar and the South American cartels on the big screen came up fruitless, but it's pretty clear that Netflix is willing to take a crack at it nonetheless. With Narcos, the streaming service will tell the tale of not just Pablo Escobar in the 80s and 90s but several other drug kingpins as well. And the stories of the many different law enforcement agencies pitted against them will also be told. Wagner Moura will star as the cartel leader, while Jose Padilha will direct the series. (Deadline)


Sick Of Pharrell's 'Happy'? Here's The Hilarious, Weird, Music-Free Video

The hat makes an appearance. "Happy" is a pretty damn good song that Pharrell made for himself. While I haven't gotten close to tired of it yet, I could see how people who spend more time at the mercy of drive-time radio could. Either way, there's something to appease all factions in this video which takes the music away from the music video, and just leaves people all smiles and dancing for no particular reason. It's pretty great.


Channing Tatum Is Jamie Bell's Slave In 'The Eagle' Trailer

The Eagle trailer has landed (nailed it). Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, and directed by Kevin Macdonald, it follows a soldier and his slave in 140 A.D. as they go on a quest to retrieve a treasured gold Eagle emblem that Tatum's father lost 20 years earlier. the Eagle trailer has landed (nailed it). Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, and directed by Kevin Macdonald, it follows a soldier and his slave in 140 A.D. as they go on a quest to retrieve a treasured gold Eagle emblem that Tatum's father lost 20 years earlier. Well he didn't so much lose it as it vanished along with himself and his entir legion. That's a major soldier faux pas--not returning. No wonder Tatum's character wants to restore his father's sullied reputation. He's known as the dude whose dad los the Eagle. Major Trojan wedgies warranted. The Eagle lands in theaters February 25, 2011. (Apple)


'Haywire' Trailer Proves Soderbergh Can Do Action

Introducing the nation's deadliest, hottest killing machine. [post-album postid="201315" item="1"]Giddyup. If you ever wondered what the Bourne series would be like is Matt Damon was a crazy-hot chick, then this Haywire trailer is your Woodstock.. The plot of the film seems familiar enough: Government agent wakes up one day to find out that her employers are trying to kill her. She goes on a tear to find out why and to save her own ass. Everything else is just window dressing. We haven't seen Soderbergh tackle such a straight action flick before, and it looks like he brings a masterful touch to even the most action-packed scenes. The film boasts a cast that demands it be taken seriously, featuring Gina Carano, Ewan MacGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio"Puss in Boots" Banderas, and Michael Douglas. Just go ahead and get excited about this one.


'21 Jumpstreet'ers Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum Back For '22 Jumpstreet'

If their headquarters didn't move across the street, then this title makes no sense. 22 Jumpstreet is coming our way, and, like its predecessor, it will put two extremely old undercover men in high school. They're sticking pretty close to the formula of the first one, which makes sense, considering their job is to go into high schools (well, college, in this one) and arrest people. But making sense doesn't mean the premise might not get a little old this time around. However, if they're able to get the same types of laughs from this one as they were from the first (specifically, the guy who gets his dick shot off then has to pick it up with his own mouth), then all will be forgiven.