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New Punisher: War Zone Trailer Has Quite the Body Count

I’m doing my absolute best to completely ignore Comic Con, which is going on right now in San Diego, but some undeniable cool stuff has come trickling out of the nerd holy land. This new Punisher: War Zone trailer is easily one of the most violent trailers I have ever seen. There are at least four brutal headshots, a couple gnarly impaling and one guy who gets stabbed with a Marine knife right in the top of his skull. Even if they managed to show every bit of violence in this one trailer, it would still be more than the 2004 movie had. And when it comes to Frank Castle, that’s how it should be. I’m also impressed with the choice of soundtrack: Ramallah’s “Days of Revenge.” That was the song I was planning on using when I went on a skull-stabbing spree, but now I have to think of something else so everyone doesn’t think I’m a copy cat.

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