New Promo For 'The Cape' Features A Pretty Impressive Cape

NBC has been running this new promo for their mid-season series "The Cape" in anticipation of its January 9th premiere. It looks fun in a goofy kinda way. Like Darkman without the crazy parts or compound fractures. NBC has been running this new promo for their mid-season series "The Cape" in anticipation of its January 9th premiere. It looks fun in a goofy kinda way. Or at least it wears its goofiness on its sleeve. It's like Darkman without the crazy parts or compound fractures. The show focuses on a disgraced cop who, believed to be dead, goes underground after being framed for the Mayor's murder. There he joins the circus and is trained by Keith David's impression of Morpheus to fight"True Blood's" crazy-ass vampire Franklin . He also learns how to wield a cape made of silk strong enough to beat up Vinnie Jones. That's right. He has a kung-fu cape. Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it's still not as outlandish as "Heroes." I'll watch it. On Hulu. When drunk.

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'Parks And Recreation' Gets You Excited With Some Olympics-Themed Promos

Yes, I know the Olympics are over, but it's 'Parks and Rec', so we cut them some slack. Can Tom Haverford pin Ron Swanson in the wrestling event? Spoiler: Absolutely not. But if that sounds like something you might be interested, you will probably want to watch this video. And if you are on board with the video, you'll almost certainly just fall in love with the two videos that are located right here. It's over a month before we'll see Parks and Recreation coming back, so trust need this.


'The Robber' May Contain Trace Amounts Of 'Run Lola Run'

This Austrian film looks a bit like a great German film, in a very good way. Any movie with a character named Pumpgun Ronnie has to be pretty good, right? Of course it does. And the trailer for the German-language film The Robber proves that point. Having gotten scooped up off the festival circuit, it's being remade for in English with Andrew Garfield starring, but the original version, which is primed for a small US release, seems to foot the bill just fine in a Run Lola Run-type of way. The film, which is based on a true story, follows the madcap hijinks of Johann Rettenberger, who was an Austrian amateur marathon runner who would rob banks, then escape using his long-distance running skills. Hokey as fiction, but pretty swee knowing that it actually happened. Enjoy the original before they put a bunch of Alex Pettyfer and Twitter in the American remake. The original German-language version hits the sweet land of liberty April 29th.


'Gotham' Promo Reveals The Joker To Be Just Some Wiener Kid

Well, that was a letdown. It was announced early in Gotham's run that each episode would feature a character that may or may not eventually become Batman's greatest foe, the Joker. This has sparked several theories about who might become Gotham's clown prince. Everyone from the pilot's hacky comedian to The Penguin have been flagged as potential Jokers in waiting. However, in the time since that news was announced, the producers have decided to say, awww, screw it, and just get right to the Joker. Without further ado, this promo reveals that the Joker is.... some wiener kid! Enjoy, fans of that kind of thing.


Chris Hemsworth Races Darkman In Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush'

Here we have the first look at Ron Howard's F1 racing drama, Rush. Based on the true story of the rivalry between English racer James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as the thrill junkies who somehow don't rob banks or moving trains. I thought this was a racing movie? Where's Michelle Rodriguez?? Instead, Howard opted to take a page out of history rather than the sketchbook of a 9-year old boy. In 1976, Lauda almost died after crashing in the second lap of the German Grand Prix, which the hotheaded Hunt would go on to win. Suffering a coma and bad burns, Lauda was back at it six weeks later determined to beat Hunt in several races. The movie will be in theaters this fall, but you can just go to Wikipedia now to see how it ends.


NBC Taking Another Crack At It With 'Heroes: Reborn' Trailer

Here's hoping things go better this time. Just as they did with Paul Reiser and Michael J. Fox, NBC is hoping to cash in on the name recognition of a once-successful series. Thus, we have the trailer for Heroes: Yeah But Do You Like It Now? The original series headed quickly downhill after a string of good episodes, before stalling out when characters became played out before talent contracts did. But this new Heroes promises to be different while looking exactly the same. Ordinary people develop extraordinary powers while strange symbols that ultimately mean nothing appear all over the world. Hiro is back too. He's used his ability to travel through time to grow a soul patch.


Rick Is A Real Sleepyhead In 'Walking Dead' Midseason Preview

It's not wise to sleep in during the zombie apocalypse. The events of The Walking Dead's midseason finale this past Sunday shook up the lives and safety of the characters, so read no further if you don't want anything spoiled. Opting not to leave us on a totally frustrating cliffhanger, the end of the episode saw the survivors scattering from the prison as it lay wasted from the war with Woodbury 2.0 and overrun with zombies. The show won't return until February 9th, but this preview gives us a look at the new perils they find themselves in now that their home and community is no more. Will they find safety from the road? How will they reunite? It's not like they have cellphones or other means of long distance communication. That's why it's important to always have an established meeting place in the case of fire or tank assault. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.