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New ‘Paul’ Trailer Crash-Lands on the Internet

A new trailer for Paul, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen has hit the Internet.

The comedy tells the story of two UFO nuts who happen upon a stranded alien while traveling to Area 51. The pair decide to help the creature rather than turn him over to the authorities. Normally, a character that is completely CGI comes off as kind of corny, with a few obvious exceptions (LOTR, Avatar, etc.). But for Paul, it might actually add to the laughs.

I myself once picked up an alien trying to get back to its far away home world of “Guatemala.” But I was afraid it was going to lay eggs in my stomach, so I tried to beat it to death with a rake. It got away, but not before I taught it a valuable lesson about the resilience of mankind. Also, the cops came. (First Showing)

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