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New ‘Paul’ Clips: Kristen Wiig’s A Lot Funnier After Smoking Alien Weed

We’ve got some new clips from Team Hot Fuzz‘s upcoming film Paul (courtesy of British sites Empire and Sky). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost never fail to disappoint, though I have to admit, I’ve had my doubts about this project. No Edgar Wright directing, an alien that’s just Seth Rogen as an alien (they could have slapped some antennae on him and saved a space ton of CG money) and a big part for Kristen Wiig, the SNL cast member who I’ve fast-forwarded past so many times, my TiVO does it for me now.

However, in these clips, I can see the elements working together nicely. Comic-Con, secret government alien (?) weed, girl-on-robot sex: these are the topics that all movies should discuss. Plus director Greg Mottola shot Superbad, which I continue to McLovin, despite how dated that reference has already become.

Paul will beam you into theaters March 18. (JoBlo)

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