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New Office Short Hits the Web, Has Plenty of Kevin

As a big Office fan, I know how hard it is waiting for the fall season to start. So much was left hanging during he season finale. Will Michael get it on with the new Toby? Are Jim and Pam going to get engaged before something screws it up? Will Dwight knock up Angela before Andy can marry her? Will Ryan get pounded in the ass in jail? They’re all valid questions, but NBC isn’t looking to answer them yet. Fortunately, they are willing to throw us a few crumbs in the form of some short webisodes featuring the chubby, lovable Kevin. The mini-series is called, "Kevin’s Loan" and revolves around the robust accountant trying to scam a bank into giving him enough money to pay off his bookies. Each episode is only 2-minutes long and is worth a slight giggle. I don’t want to give anything away, since reading a spoiler would take as long as just watching the stupid video, but I just want to say that I would eat at Malone’s Cones every day given the opportunity.

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